Essay on The Trip Of A Lifetime

Essay on The Trip Of A Lifetime

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The Trip of a Lifetime
Standing tall and confident as if nothing could destroy it, the steel, glowing from the lights, stretched from the ground to the night sky. I never thought it would stand right before me. The only thing I could think about was seeing this in person. As a bright sunset shined through the holes in the steel and people crowded all around me, my eyes gazed up to see layer upon layer of steel which formed the Eiffel Tower. This was the trip that changed my view on lifestyle forever.
This summer I got the chance of a lifetime, a trip to Europe with my family, grandma, and many of her relatives. After seeing many countries, the country that changed my view the most was Paris. Before Paris, I traveled to Amsterdam, Luxembourg City, and Belgium. Each had unique lifestyle qualities, but nothing compared to Paris.
We traveled to Paris on July 12th and stayed there until July 16th. After arriving in Paris, we set out to explore the beautiful city. There were many unique things on the streets of Paris that caught my eye, such as important historical monuments and museums. We waited until the next day to do more cite seeing.
Excited to explore the following day, we hopped on a large green tour bus that took us to many of the important monuments in Paris. Our first stop took us to the Grand Palace. With many wide circular fountains spraying water in every direction you had to walk carefully around it. Having more to see we continued on the bus. It took us to these high, skinny, older arcs that the bus barely fit through which led us to a building that looked like a palace that had stood for decades before. In front of it stood a modern building with glass windows, forming the shape of a triangle. We finally identified ...

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...ours. There were many differences between each country the main one being the language. They would have different main languages, and usually more than one language spoken in the country. The food was very different between countries but the common foods shared between countries were never as good as the one from the original country. The last main difference I saw was each country had their own main way of traveling around which made a big difference traveling between each countries.
This trip opened my eyes to so many knew ways and cultures. By showing me that people all around the world have their own unique way of life and every one of them is different compare to our lifestyle. Finally it showed that when you cross the boarders in Europe it isn’t like crossing state boarder’s you are not only stepping into a different country but a different lifestyle as well.

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