Jackson Hole

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1100 words

Jackson Hole

It was going to be the time of our lives. Four buddies of mine and I went out to Jackson, Wyoming to do some of the best snowboarding of our lives. It was our chance to get away from home for a week and have the best time of our lives. The trip out there was extremely boring driving through Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Possibly the three most boring states in the country.

When we got out there we were all very impressed by the appearance of the city. This was obviously a tourist town. When we found the hotel we were impressed by the huge glass windows and cedar siding. It looked more like the Hilton than a Best Western. We checked in and were shown to our rooms. After bringing in all of our things, we went straight to bed knowing that we had a huge day ahead of us, not knowing how huge it was really going to be.

After a great night of sleep we headed out to the world renown mountain of Jackson Hole. It is known for being the steepest mountain on which a ski resort is set up. It is also know for having a great view of Grand Teton, one of the highest peaks in the Rocky Mountains. We could not have asked for a better day of riding. there was a fresh 14” of snow under our boards and after a little bit of exploring we found some great out of bounds and woods riding.

We looked around for a little while longer and Tom spotted a nice hit. It was an untouched field, with three 10-15’ drops which made for great hits. After hiking about a quarter of a mile we made it there. A quarter of a mile does not sound like that much of a walk but it is not as easy as it sounds when you are walking in snow past your knees deep, simply it took almost an hour and a half. We strapped in and took off, making huge carves in all the fresh powder that had probably not been ridden in at least a week. The first hit was coming and Tom shouted “hit it man,” As Dan and I approached the hit we got some big air. The only problem with riding such fresh snow is that when you land in that amount of fresh powder you sink like a rock.

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they went to jackson hole to do some of the best snowboarding of their lives. the trip was boring driving through iowa, nebraska, and wyoming.
  • Describes how they headed to jackson hole, the world's steepest mountain, and grand teton, one of the highest peaks in the rocky mountains.
  • Narrates how tom spotted a nice hit in an untouched field, with three 10-15' drops, which made for great hits. the real struggle was getting out.
  • Narrates how tom asked the group if they were ready to go again, except for matt, who laughed and started going again. ryan's spin was fine but landing in this kind of snow wouldn't let him carry any of the rotation into a gradual turn.
  • Narrates how they approached the last hit as they did the other two. they wish they had a video camera.
  • Narrates how everyone had adrenaline flowing as they rode back to the lodge. they would hit all the little jumps, pull off huge airs and spins.
  • Describes how they had never been so "on" as the second half of their first day out there.
  • Opines that they will return to montana with the same group this winter.
  • Opines that if wanyne booth were to read my paper he would have many things to say about its context. there would be praise on the paper where there is evidence of a thinking person.
  • Believes that booth would enjoy the parts where i bring up the dialogue that was exchanged between my friends and i. he would see the interactions that occur when one of us would fall and how the others would respond to it as true personality.
  • Analyzes how booth would see regurgitation that has been repeated in a thousand stories before mine. booth describes the conditions that we were riding in and how well we rode back to the lodge.
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