Essay on Trends in the Industry of IT and the Business Cycles

Essay on Trends in the Industry of IT and the Business Cycles

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The name information technology was used for the first time in 1958, in an article in Harvard Business Review and since that time this industry has seen only innovations throughout the history. Some problems that the industry is facing are the increase competition from the offshore and inshore players, the slow growth of the hardware sales, the decrease in the IT spending globally etc. But despite all the problems and challenges that the industry is facing, the opportunities are many. One of the most important ones is the increased number of the smart device users which is established as a very profitable segment for the information technology segment.
Trends in the industry and the business cycles
Information technology industry is a very innovative segment due to the fact that it has to meet the increasing customer demand for technological problems and services.
A really common trend in this industry right now is the cloud computing. According to Gartner survey 19% of the organizations are using cloud computing for most of their production computing.
Furthermore, an interesting feature of this industry is the integration of the smart devices. Nowadays almost everyone in the developed countries is using smart phones and tablets in order to access the internet due to the advances that are made in these devices. The big number of smart device user has a really strong impact in the information technology by shaping the structure of this industry in order to meet the demand for software, hardware and applications that are connected with these devices.
Problems and challenges
• High competition and adaption of the cloud
Cloud computing market offers high profit margins that can attract many new players because the barriers to ...

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