Essay about The Treatment Of Illegal Immigrants

Essay about The Treatment Of Illegal Immigrants

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Aaron Nash
Ms. Bryan
English 12/ Period 3
22 March 2016
A Civil Crisis
The treatment of illegal immigrants in the United States is discriminatory. How might this be an issue? Well, a consensus in 2014 recorded 11.3 million unauthorized immigrants inhabiting the U.S.A. (Krogstad). This is not just an issue of mathematical logistics, this is an ethical crisis. One would figure a large number of people should be treated equitably, just as much as the citizens who should greet them with open arms, except such is not the case. Instead political feuds and physical violence meet these refugees of disparity. These are no simple matters. Here honest intentions will illuminate troubling circumstances and propose advantageous solutions for the benefit of the citizens and their deserving guests.
An immoral presence demands attention. The distressing act at hand is the fact that illegal immigrants are being maliciously exploited. A report unveiled “inhumane working conditions, egregious violations of child-labor laws, sexual harassment of female workers and multiple workplace safety infractions” (Steinlight) in a meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa. How could this possibly happen? The malignant nature of this event is rooted in apathetic greed. It has lead to so many downfalls, and again if afflicts humanity. The repercussions of this destructive behavior will preach abominable ways to the minds of young and old alike. In the terminology of business, blackmail is at hand. Misery drove these desperate people to flee and seek security, a new life, and misfortune besets them yet again. These migrants take what work they can, even if it means laboring for meager wages under harsh conditions. They live as unknown outlaws within a law bound societ...

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...he sake of goodness fellow people has always made humankind progress in the right direction. Now is the time to enlighten, the occasion to aspire for something more meaningful than hatred and fear. This is the time to consider, the time to understand, the time to plan. What of tomorrow? Tomorrow endeavor to make life better, for everyone.

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Steinlight, Stephen. "Ignoring problems of illegal immigration leads to exploitation." Center For Immigration Studies. N.p., Aug. 2008. Web. 20 Mar. 2016.

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