Essay on Transgender Issues Should Be More Educated On And Their Lives

Essay on Transgender Issues Should Be More Educated On And Their Lives

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Transgender is an umbrella term, meaning an individual’s gender-identity does not align with their assigned sex at birth. Although transgender is a protected class in eighteen states, these individuals still face discrimination within the country and around the world (“Non-Discrimination Laws”). Transgender is not a lifestyle, no one chooses to live their life constantly being discriminated against. Transgender issues should be more educated on and their lives should be more protected.
The most common issue transgender individuals face every day is bathroom use. When a transgender person uses the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity, it boosts well-being. It is legal to for transgender individuals to use whichever bathroom they feel to be is more beneficial. Many schools and states are trying to appeal this law. When the South Dakota House of Representatives were faced with the option to veto this law they chose to keep the law in place (“South Dakota House”). New York has also reinforced transgender individual’s right to choosing a bathroom (“New York mayor”).
Many other states are suggesting laws that would require everyone to present a birth certificate or other document upon entering a bathroom in a school environment. Other have suggested to even to perform a genital check. These laws would deny transgender individual’s access to their preferred bathroom followed by a fine. Arizona is one of the first states to propose an anti-transgender bathroom law (“House of Representatives”). These types of laws are unconstitutional and encourage discrimination against transgender individuals.
Even though transgender people are freely allowed to choose which bathroom to use there are no reports or data of tran...

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...s may only have one to two transgender employees or students, if any, but these types of support can be significant to their lives.
Education is the also one of the key ways to fix these issues. Educating in schools, workplaces or even little papers tapped to bathroom stalls about transgender information could be an easy start to rectifying transgender discrimination. Seventy-one percent of people do not personally know any transgender people in their lives so it is hard to make a connection (“Transgender Rights”). Gender identity is becoming brought into the light recently. More and more people are fighting for transgender rights with the debut of transgender celebrities, actors and actresses and athletes. If the public is educated on basic transgender rights and information it could be so much easier for transgender individuals to live their lives peacefully.

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