Essay about Transformational Leadership Vs. Transactional Leadership

Essay about Transformational Leadership Vs. Transactional Leadership

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Transformational leadership in contrast to transactional leadership is based on being visionary, inspirational with specific goals, ideals and be able to engage at the emotional level with followers. Al Gore was criticized for adopting a populist theme and by distancing himself from Clinton (who was a charismatic leader himself) and portrayed him as an untruthful, disloyal in terms of democratic views.
At a Democratic convention, during a fund raising event in which Al Gore did not allow fellow congress women to speak at the convention, he claimed to be his own man, morally superior and was propagating his self of agendas which has silenced the voices of many people who were supporting democrats. This shows people lost their belief in him and considered him as the one who lacks empathy and acting in a narcissistic way. When Al Gore was leading the global green cause he was lacking the basic judgment and grasp, which a leader required to lead to such great causes.
He failed to conduct himself in consistence with green cause he was promoting just like how an IRS chief cannot be a tax cheat. Having a life of conspicuous consumption, spreading more carbon into the atmosphere does not align with Al Gore’s intention of being “Mr. Green “.
Al Gore failed to walk the talk of what he preaches. He persisted in partisanship ridiculing and expressing contempt with Republicans and conservatives who disagreed with him. People were skeptical and perceived him as a leader who lacks integrity. Al Gore’s theme during the presidential debates didn’t have any memorable agendas that would appeal to majority of voters, his communication and message was unclear and confusing. (was not well communicated and confusing.)
As an example, the issue with his s...

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...and are aware of who has the accountability and responsibility. Incentives such as merit, salary increases, travel and equipment funds on par with fellow research oriented colleges to be made explicitly clear, this ensures participation and belief in the program.
Lastly instrumentality wise administrator and faculty management team need to ensure there is enough clear communication is made so that the association and relationship between the performance and outcome is as much transparent as possible. Open feedback channels to be provided in case of any clarification are required. This ensures trust in the program along with participation. For example, if a professor is spending extra hours teaching undergraduates course taking time out of either research or consulting he or she may be officially recognized by Dean for the valued contribution on a per semester basis.

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