The Transformation From Adolescent Into Adulthood Essay

The Transformation From Adolescent Into Adulthood Essay

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The transformation from adolescent into adulthood can cause an individual to become conscious that it is time to uncover one’s whereabouts in the world. A majority of individuals reaches this transition effortlessly whereas others struggle to receive acceptance amongst their surroundings. In the short story “Soldiers Home” Harold Krebs’ character appears in two photographs which are critical to how his own existence transforms, beginning as a young fraternity student then following the likeness of a soldier under the effects of World War I. As well as, a third depiction apparent in images of black and white within the pages, exposing Krebs’s inability to “accept the old norms” and his failure to proceed in finding his function in life (DeFalco 90). This sparks Harold on a path of isolation in dealing with his family and community, all things considering he commences to exhibit traits of being lonely, a liar to endure in the town he calls home, and becomes an idle man.
In the story Harold Krebs, evolves into a man who shows emotional damage from the result of war and is unable to ...

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