The Transcendent Process And Peak Experience Essay

The Transcendent Process And Peak Experience Essay

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A discussion of the transcendent process and peak experience
with respect to Cancer patients
In the field of psychology arguments have to be built on an empirical scientific evidence basis, and personal spiritual experiences cannot be used as evidence for any scientific argument. However; the field of theology studies the general trends and tendencies of personal spiritual experiences, and combines them together to form general religious and spiritual patterns. In his book Introduction to religion From inside and Outside Ellwood elaborates on “Transcendence” as a core of the definition of religion, and religion with respect to transcendent experience is “ultimately a practical kind of consciousness” (Ellwood 1998:41). Referring to this process as a state of consciousness reveals the importance of the psychological and emotional aspect of the spiritual experience, and the role it may play on impacting an individual’s psychological status, and consequently the physical status. When an individual is exposed to a life-threatening event, illness, or sudden accident, then the question of existence floats on the surface of the consciousness. The wonders of death and tragedy may take place, and may be followed by the question of “Why am I here, since I might be leaving?” The trigger of these philosophical questions embodies the trigger of a faith crisis, where the person develops a huge variety of emotions such as anger and fear. In some cases the anger could be directed toward god with the question “why did you choose me?”
This essay will be discussing some of the spiritual aspects of people with cancer with respect to ritual practices, spiritual development, psychological and physical changes. Going through a transcendent and peak e...

... middle of paper ...

...nd, and cross over beyond the manifested facts of their physical reality. The myths or the stories are formed by some individuals who cannot comprehend the series of psychological and spiritual development that cause this physical manifestation within a person who went through the transcendence process and in her/his reality. Patients with cancer who are able to manifest a physical miracle can become champion of a myth, and in time people will create stories about this impossible human.

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Ellwood, Robert. Introducing Religion from inside and outside. 3rd ed. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education, 1998. Print.
Fauver, Randy. "The Healing Wisdom within: A Preliminary Experimental Trial of Psycho-Spiritual Integrative Therapy for People with Cancer." Order No. 3495275 Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, 2011. Ann Arbor: ProQuest. Web. 14 Oct. 2015.

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