Essay about Traits Of The Hero And Queen Elizabeth

Essay about Traits Of The Hero And Queen Elizabeth

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“The hero is often isolated and yet he craves companionship and love. As the savior of his community or society, he must undergo trials and dangers alone.
Traits of the hero according to Classical tradition”(The Archetypal Hero,2016). This idea of heros being isolated on their journey to save others relates closely to the stories of Ree Dolly and Queen Elizabeth. These two woman had to women had to separate themselves from family and friends and had to sacrifice their own personal needs to help others. In Ree’s case she put her own dreams of going to the army on hold to make sure her family would be taken care of through the absence of their father. In Queen Elizabeths case , she dedicated her whole life to serving her country as queen; and she had to ignore her own wants for love and companionship. Ree and Queen Elizathbeth are different in many ways but they are also similar and both share traits of the classical hero.

First Ree and Queen Elizabeth are different because they come from opposite sides of the economic scale. Queen Elizabeth was born into royalty and money wasn 't one of her concerns growing up or on her quest to protect her country. Ree is the opposite because she was born into poor conditions. Her father was involved in meth cooking , but that job didn’t appear to have produce a lot of money. The families house and living get conditions indicated that. Ree and her siblings barely ever had enough to eat and the land that they owned wasn 't worth much. They are also different because Queen Elizabeth was responsible for leading thousands of people while Ree was only responsible for her small family. Even though Queen Elizabeth was responsible for more people I think Ree had to be more courageous on her jou...

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...that plotted to assonance her because of their religious views. Ree and Queen Elizabeth both have the classic hero characteristic of having a difficult childhood. Ree had to grow up in poor condtion, her father was in and out of jails because of his drug activity and her mother had a mental illness so she wasn 't there to help physically. Queen Elizabeth’s mother was killed shortly after her birth , she wasn 't wanted by her father because he wanted a boy , and she was locked away for a while when her sister became queen. Them theme of the classical hero’s mother being killed relates to both of these characters because Queen Elizabeth 's mom was physically dead and Ree’s mother was mentally dead forcing them both to grow up faster thsn the average prrson. Growing up with out a mother could be an explanation for both characters strength and disregard for gender norms

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