Essay About Being A Archetype

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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is the first movie of a three part series. Frodo Baggins is the main character of the film and is of a hero archetype. After watching the film, you can’t help but relate Frodo’s experiences to those of humankind. We all face challenges in life and sometimes as a human, we must deal with these challenges or tasks. Remaining calm and pushing through these challenges or tasks will reward you after you have overcome the feat. Frodo is an example in a fantasy mythological world that can also relate to humankind in the real world when it comes to dealing with tasks that relate to being a human. Frodo is looked upon as an archetype hero because he is the one that must defeat or ruin the plans of the Dark Lord. He has a task to do, just like we all do and despite it being forced upon him, he accepted the challenge. He is looked upon as the protagonist in the film while the Dark Lord is the antagonist. At first Frodo is doubtful and is uneasy about the task and it is his decision if he wants to risk his life for this good deed not just for himself but for the people. Frodo is looked as a hero because he takes the challenge or task and knows what must be done. Despite the challenge being tough, Frodo still decides to go through with it. Destroying the dark ring and foiling the plans of the Dark Lord is not an easy feat but Frodo, like the hero he is, shows in the movie that he will accept the task. Choosing to risk his own life to take down the Dark Lord shows that he truly is a hero. Frodo’s experiences are universal to humankind. For some, a fight against your own evil that tries to bring you down can relate to both Frodo and the humankind. Facing challenges and tasks that you may not w... ... middle of paper ... that no matter who we are, anything is possible as long as we go out there and try out best to achieve it. As the saying goes, “there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.” We are all capable of learning something from Frodo. He shows us that we all can be a hero in our own way. His experiences are relatable to those of humankind and shows that even when challenges face us and we feel like giving in, there is always hope and we can defeat the challenge or task at hand. Frodo is a model that we can look up to in the real world because he is not very different from us. Just like us, he experiences both pros and cons but is up to the challenge. Always working hard and having a positive mindset will lead you to bigger and better things in life and you will end up feeling like a hero in your own vision and world. Frodo is both a hero and an inspiring model to me.
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