Hero Archetypes Essay

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For my first archetype, I'm choosing hero because it's one of my favorite archetypes. Therefore, it makes it easy for me to list examples of it, and there's plenty of films and television shows that display this archetype. So it will be fun and easy to put it down on paper. As history has shown everybody loves a hero. From legends to Bible passages to comic book series, a hero tends to be the pinnacle and center of the story. People root for the hero. One of my favorite examples of a hero is from the Marvel comic book series. In this series, there's a variety of heroes being displayed. What I like about the heroes in this comic book series is the majority of them are just ordinary individuals that choose or are destined to do extraordinary things. So it…show more content…
Peter Parker was an ordinary boy until he was bitten by a supernatural creature. The effects of the bite caused him to develop supernatural powers and abilities. These powers and abilities are as follows: speed, jump from high rise buildings, spider webs flying from the palm of his hands, and sticking to building. He develops all these supernatural abilities that turn him into a superhero. And he eventually uses them to help the police solve crimes. So for me, my main source of research for the hero archetype is the Spiderman Comic Book Series. It displays qualities of the hero archetype such as Peter Parker facing a traumatic event and it eventually leading him on his quest. It also displays a special weapon. A hero archetype could not exist without this characteristic feature. And finally, it showcases supernatural help. This is a main quality that's associated with the hero archetype. With all of these features mentioned and shown in the Spiderman series, there's no wonder I used it for my source. It obviously shows the hero archetype very well. Cite Sources: Spiderman Comic Book Series; Amazing Fantasy
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