Training Programs On Business Strategies, Mentoring And A Participatory Management Style

Training Programs On Business Strategies, Mentoring And A Participatory Management Style

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with resource investment such as extensive training programs on business strategies, mentoring and a participatory management style for the most effective engagement of this workforce. To further improve the workforce effectiveness and alignment Cameron, K. S. & Quinn, R.E. (2006) suggests within an Adhocracy culture, structuring the HR role within the organisation as a change agent; facilitating transformation rather than as an Administrative specialist or Strategic Business Partner. This should be considered in the final organisational structure.
Implementing a strategic approach to people management will be required to ensure success of the divisional structure and not all resources within QL will receive the same level of investment. The recognition and development of the different skills will be required for each of the 3 divisions. Focusing on three key workforce segments within QL – commercial partnerships managers, technologists, and Red Planet’s product development analysts – the commercial partnerships team is highly distinctive, yet both the technologists and Red Planet’s product development analysts are not unique. Despite the lack of distinctiveness of the technologists and analysts, all three of these key workforce segments are central to QL’s strategy, as demonstrated by Figure 3:

QL’s dominance in the Australian loyalty market, reflected by its membership base of over 50% of Australian households, demonstrates a reliance on organisation-specific capabilities that are developed within QL – such as building QL’s “coalition effect” (Murthy 2015). These organisation-specific capabilities come from within the commercial partnerships workforce rather than the technologists and analysts, the latter of which come from out...

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...als driving new ideas which then require the use of a large contractor workforce to see the initiative brought to life or via purchasing existing products/business, this poses a significant key-person risk QL as if these people driving initiates leave who will initiate new programs?
QL strong brand management capabilities are likely the reason why this approach has been successful in the past. QL’s leadership strategy is currently strong in the political dimension where leaders are good in negotiating and collaborating internally and externally to build powerful network in the business. This strong negotiator dimension of leadership has been assisting QL to initiate new programs and technology products to drive revenue. Bringing permanent staff with these specific skill sets on-board would ensure that continued successes can be driven by new programs and products.

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