Tragedy And Hope : Essay

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Tragedy and Hope: Tragedy and Hope full Audio: I think you have coalesced Most of the suspicions I also have. In the beginning, Jefferson, Hamilton represent not just a difference of political thought and purpose, but perhaps a fundamental or universal truth about mankind, power and the need to obtain power over others. The reasons, ego, competition, human sport and the monopoly or poker mentality, there can be only be one winner, by necessity, I have yet to grasp the need to own everything, unless, like A. Carnegie, it is the end game to give it back, redistribution as you see it needs to be done; and thus history writes of your great and charitable benevolence, not the case with perpetual government. Compact of the Republic: The League of States and the Constitution, Amazon, Kindle version. Is very well done, I 'm sure if you ever get time you would enjoy, David Brenner 's account of ratification by the states, and the different faction and their objectives for the the central government 's role, in the years to come. We know, as fact, that the British had inventoried the world 's resources many generations ago, we also know by inductive reasoning, what the intent of the UN and other organizations like it have as an Agenda. The Anglo American Establishment looks to be more detailed, (Playlist), with respect to America. One need only look to the issues happening as we speak, out west, the land is being controlled and the resources such as (Uranium) - (Uranium One Canada, Russia thru Clinton Foundation) sold in secret processes, ... ... middle of paper ... it" all of course a great ploy of mass deception and an example of political (Reverse Psychology) at its finest hour? At the end of the process what will the road be paved with? Will the whole thing get turned upside down, and something unimaginable takes place, Trump gets jailed and Hilary is elected and pardons herself, Bernie get burned and Bill get caught once again in the Oval Office with his dress off, mumbling something about, "is,is." I think when the herds start to move in mass, as they do, I like to find high and dry ground, if only to observe the ensuing chaos that will inevitably follow the first loud bang! Alway good to hear from you, don 't stay away so long... The subjects we discuss are quite long and complex, it seems as if we just scratch the surface after hundreds of words, and yet much is left unsaid or uncovered. Good luck in all you do...
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