Reckless Disregard For The Crimes Of Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson has been charged with the following crimes:
Article 1: Reckless disregard for the economic interests of the citizens of the United States
Article 2: Reckless disregard for the principle of separation of powers, and specifically disregarding the authority of the Supreme Court.
Article 3: Reckless disregard for the authority of the states, and unlawfully using the power of federal government to suppress that authority.
Based on the evidence given by defense and the witnesses; Andrew Jackson is found not guilty of reckless disregard for the economic interests of the citizens of the United States. The national bank only benefitted the wealthy. Jackson vetoing the National Bank and Taney’s agreement to moving federal funds to the
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Showing that he makes personal decisions instead of political ones. He violated the McCulloh v. Maryland, showing that he did not follow interpretation of the law, ruled by Supreme Court. Jackson violated separation of powers through the destruction of the national bank. Although Jackson believed he would help the poor by terminating the national bank; he did violate the separation of powers. As stated in the McCulloh v. Maryland “the necessary and proper clause gave Congress the right to charter the bank and that if the states could tax the bank, they could also destroy it.” Jackson ultimately disregarded this court decision made by the Supreme Court that the national bank was constitutional. He also defies the Supreme Court by enforcing the Indian Removal Act seeing as he did not hold up their treaty with the Native Americans, denying the interpretation of the treaty. Jackson had no valid reason to kick the Native Americans out of the land they owned first. He forced them to move because of the color of their skin. He did not recognize the Native Americans as citizens and only wanted them out of it because he believed that the land belonged to the white people. He saw himself in a position that higher authority than Supreme Court, showing that he thought he was the president he could do as

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