The Traditional Food Of The Latin Americans Essay

The Traditional Food Of The Latin Americans Essay

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Josephine parents are from Central America and therefore is her culture. In her culture the head of the family decides solely on the meals menu. The head of the family, the father, has to be heeded and since they try as much to conserve their culture, they will prefer having their traditional foods to others. The traditional food of the Latin Americans is mostly fried and therefore, most of Josephine’s food will have a lot of fats. Guatemala’s cuisine is depended on their religion and the Maya cuisine is responsible for the largest share of their traditional foods. The key ingredients involved are corn, chilis and beans. On her mother’s side (from Honduras), their most popular dish is baleada which represents their gastronomy. The meal has flour tortilla folded and filled with refried beans and Parmesan cheese or sour cream. Sometimes they may decide to add roast meat or scrambled eggs. The mothers are responsible for cooking the family’s meal which is mostly their traditional food. Both the Guatemala and Hondurans enjoy freedom of worship with Christianity their main religion. They are very friendly people and open in conversations. Refusing food cooked by your parents in the Latin America is taken as an insult to their generosity.
Shared traditions, values, history, customs or even arts by a given group of people can be defined as their culture. Knowing our cultures is very important in understanding our environment as well as of others. It also help us understand how people take different aspects of life including diet. This is because culture determines our perception and attitudes toward particular issues about which is helpful and which is not, what makes sense and what does not. Some cultures prefer quantity meals to qual...

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...l communication skills to help me recognize Josephine both as an individual and as a member of a particular cultural group. Such skills will involve me recognizing the importance of being a member of a particular culture (community), individual uniqueness, having required values in counseling and finally be able to recognize the uniqueness of vocational goals, and life purposes of clients. Other ways in which I will be helpful in this skill is by being aware of my own culture and its requirements since it will help be able to understand the cultural "baggage" my client is having. Intercultural empathy is also important in such a situation as it involves the perception of the world from culture different from the subject 's owns. Through this ways I will be able to effectively and efficiently communicate with Josephine and help her solve her nutritional requirements.

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