Essay about The Tradition of Smoking Cigars

Essay about The Tradition of Smoking Cigars

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In centuries past, cigars were entrenched in affluence, power and luxury. Now that they are available and affordable a cigar culture has emerged of people devoted to loving the leaf.

As a beginner, you may wonder about different reasons to enjoy a cigar. Let us show the ways!

I. The Tradition of Smoking Cigars
One of the oldest traditions associated with smoking cigars happened during the Victorian era when gentlemen retired to the library after dinner, where they smoked cigars and sipped brandy.
Legend has it that Queen Victoria frowned upon smoking anywhere ladies were present. The people weren't at liberty to smoke in public during her reign. After Queen Victoria passed, King Edward VII changed the rules with his famous statement, "Gentlemen, you may smoke."
Post hotels and restaurants have re-invented the Victorian custom with smoker nights, cigar dinners and The Big Smoke. Cigar lovers love these gala events. Everybody dresses to the nines to swap cigar stories and partake liberally of spirits.
Occasions that traditionally demand cigars are: weddings, rites-of-passage, birth of child, promotions and sporting competitions (win or lose).
II. Relaxing with a stogie

Sometimes you need a slow-down. Men, in particular, feel guilty when they aren't doing something productive. A good cigar is the perfect reason for sitting by the lake and watching the sailboats, or sitting in your man-chair pondering life. Let your mind drift into a quasi-meditation about the beauty of cigars.

Think of ways this cigar compares with your first. What flavors seem unique to this cigar? How would you grade its quality? Which drinks do you think would marry well with it? The idea is to let your mind wander wherever it desires, as long as the focu...

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As you gain experience, you may want to find a group that ranks cigars by type and taste. You will no doubt discover unique reasons to enjoy your cigar hobby.

VII. The Accessories

"The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys."

You have picked an expensive hobby! The good news is you can buy accessories in your own good time.

You can get by without a humidor until you start buying cigars by the box. Use wooden matches until you find a wind-resistant torch lighter. Do treat yourself to a single-blade cutter. Biting the head off a cigar will not match your new sophisticated demeanor. A cigar ashtray is a must-have if you plan to smoke indoors at home.

Get the word out to your friends and family about your new hobby. People like knowing what gifts to buy. Don't be surprised if you get a silk smoking jacket!

Final Word: Don't Inhale!

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