Tradition And Cultural Legacies Of The Family Essay

Tradition And Cultural Legacies Of The Family Essay

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Tradition and Cultural Legacies
Every family has a special ways of bonding, celebrating holidays, and memorable moments in life. Most of these ways are family traditions that re passed down from generation to generation. Many of this traditions are a part of family culture or are a way to share family history. Culture and tradition go hand and hand, the clothes, food, storytelling and the way thing are done at family gathers; are a part of both cultural legacies and tradition. As a result of family culture and tradition being so influential in our lives; are we capable of becoming who we really are as a person? Will it impact our ability to find our own identity as we become adults?
My family has always been big on family traditions ever since I can remember. However, growing up I never really understood the value of tradition, or the role they played on connecting the family. I really began to understand that it wasn’t just about getting together to eat and have fun, but about bridging gaps and educating us about our cultural legacies. One of our family traditions often took place at my grandmother’s house in the country. Every Saturday morning my parents would load my siblings and me up in the car and we’d travel an hour from home to grandmas. Once we arrived all my cousin would be outside playing, the women cooking, and the men outside. However dinner wasn’t just dinner, this was the moment everyone enjoyed all the elders began to tell this stories about the family history. See when I was younger I never understood why every detail had to be so precise and vivid, I didn’t understand until I was in high school. When my family shared these stories there was complete silence, some laughter from time to time, and looks of amazement...

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...ome from, continue to improve and contribute to our family legacy. However, tradition can often restrict us because we fear breaking the mold and trying something new, because of the way the family may react to change. Although a lot of my family traditions stopped after my grandmother passed away, my generation has recently began to pick up the torch and finish what she started with a little twist of our own. As a result we have been able to start new traditions and keep the family legacy alive by sharing what was taught to us as well as new thing we have discovered. I feel that sharing cultural legacies show how many people in our family are different in many ways which show us that we a free to be ourselves. You see, cultural legacies and tradition aren’t just a way of sharing and doing things, they are a way to build generation gaps and bring a family together.

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