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  • A Brief Look at the Yoruba People

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    ethnic group of people known as the Yoruba. This culture is found in other areas of Africa such as Togo, Sierra Leone and Liberia. In these countries their group is known by different names such as Anago, Tsha, Ife and Aku (Yoruba Online). Through archaeological excavation in Oyo and Ife, it is thought that the Yoruba people originated between the years of 800 and 1000 AD from the Middle East (p. 13 Drewal, Henry John, John Pemberton, Rowland Abiodun, and Allen Wardwell.). The Yoruba people worship a supreme

  • Yoruba People of Nigeria

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    the Yoruba people of Nigeria are the most popular. These indigenous people were a part of Southwestern Nigeria and Benin. In addition, they’re one of the largest ethno-linguistic groups in Africa. A great percentage of Yoruba is populated by modern day Nigeria. Generally speaking, the Yoruba culture was an oral tradition, and majority of the people were native speakers of the Yoruba language. The native name of the Yoruba language is ‘Ede Yoruba’. The language originated in the Yoruba people, they

  • Death And The King's Horsemen Summary

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    is based on actual events during this time about the Yoruba people. Wole Soyinka, who was born into a Yoruba family and was very politically active, wrote the play in 1975. During this time the play takes place Nigeria is occupied by the British and over seen by the British Colonial Administration. Oyo is an ancient city in Nigeria that was also occupied by the British and home to the Yoruba tribe. The events of the play are based off of Yoruba cosmology beliefs of the three worlds. Yoruba’s believe

  • African Medicine

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    teachings were directed at the Yoruba people which centered around the topics of divination, prayer, dance, symbolic gestures, personal and communal elevation, spiritual baths, meditation, and herbal medicine. The purpose of Yoruba is not merely to counteract the negative forces of disease in the human body, but also to achieve spiritual enlightenment and elevation which are the means of freeing the soul. As with all ancient systems of medicine, the ideal of Yoruba herbology is to condition the

  • The Poems of Niyi Osundare

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    The character of literary forms always evolves with the passage of times. Although African literature in its written form (as against the traditional oral form) has a relatively short pedigree, it has not failed to constantly renew itself by evolving, principally in its social functionality, either as an avenue to demonstrate a cultural point of view or a satirical vista. Consequently, this attribute is responsible for the peculiar aesthetics that particularizes the literature. Given the peculiarity

  • Term paper

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    Introduction When most people think of Nigeria, they think of the country's large city of Lagos and its strong soccer team. What most people do not know, however, is that Nigeria is quickly becoming the giant of Africa because of its natural resources. The new African titans are able to use the vast amount of natural gasses and oil available to them in order to create jobs and

  • In My Religion: The Pros And Cons Of Shamanism

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    There are countless of others things the spirits do that my husband and the people in the ceremony realize that it is not me at all. I smoke cigar (yuck), I 've broken bricks with my forehead, I have drunk extremely hot boiling cooking oil, and put lit candles inside my ears without getting burnt. If I say these things on a site like this one, I know damn well that I 'm gonna get people mocking me and giving me a lot of flak. I 'm a scientist and I believe in the scientific method

  • Wole Soyinka Poetry

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    to politically represent his native Yoruba culture as a part of the unending resistance struggle. The inclusion of political oppression in his works can be related back to the period of his imprisonment for twenty seven months for his involvement in the events at the Biafran War. Torn between the Yoruba culture of the black man and the white man’s culture of British imperialism, Soyinka, through his works merges the western elements with the elements of Yoruba culture and brings to light the problems

  • Relationship Between Gods And Humans

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    as transitions between this world and the spirit world, which are heavily connected with each other. Although they are commonly referred to as ancestral spirits, this is inaccurate because... ... middle of paper ... ...e religions of these two peoples is that they view death and birth as transitions between this realm and the spirit realm; however, reincarnation isn’t as prominent as it is in some North American religions. Interaction with ‘Ancestral spirits’ or the spirits of the dead is also

  • Comparing the Cultures of The Ik, The Pomo Indians, and The Nayar Society of Southern India

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    India’ The Ik is a culture from Northern Uganda. The Pomo Indians is a culture from (find out more info) and lastly, The Nayar Society is a culture from Southern India. I will also be mentioning some things from my culture, which is the Yoruba culture. The Yoruba tribe is from Nigeria (West Nigeria) When it comes to family, The Ik culture believes that family is not important at all. As it says in the source “The family does not feature heavily in the culture….” In this culture, as far as they