In My Religion: The Pros And Cons Of Shamanism

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In my religion we do not have faith because for us seeing is believing. If you think that by practicing spiritism you will become Marlin the Great Magician, or Harry Potter riding a broomstick, you better go to a psychologist; these practices are clearly not for you. The Orishas or spirits are not geniuses in a lamp either, you can 't rub a lamp and become a millionaire.

Shamanism is for those who want to experience the spirit world and communicate with intelligent entities that are clearly not visible to humans, it just opens a door to that dimension. The doors can only be opened through initiations and rituals that have been kept for hundred of years, and past from one generation to the other. For example, in my case, when I open a ceremony
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There are countless of others things the spirits do that my husband and the people in the ceremony realize that it is not me at all. I smoke cigar (yuck), I 've broken bricks with my forehead, I have drunk extremely hot boiling cooking oil, and put lit candles inside my ears without getting burnt. If I say these things on a site like this one, I know damn well that I 'm gonna get people mocking me and giving me a lot of flak. I 'm a scientist and I believe in the scientific method but the spiritual things that my religion has shown me clearly demonstrate to me (and my husband) that there are many mysteries in this world. I 'm convinced that religion is dangerous though, specially the monotheistic ones.

When I received my Olokun, I 've got it with the Olonas. These are water spirits like nymphs, and one day my husband and I listened to a choir of these spirits singing, it was mind blowing, they sing like Enya, we could even listen instruments being played. My husband told me, baby we tell this shit to people and they will say we crazy, and I told him, baby we are lucky, very lucky fags indeed, and of course, I gave a very deep thankful prayer to my Olokun,Yemaya and above all to Obatala, who is the deity to whom I 'm
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