The Titanic: The Death Of The Titanic

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On March 31, 1909 White Star Line Shipping Company began construction for a ship known as the RMS Titanic. The ship was almost 900 feet long and weighed over 46 thousand tons. The Titanic was the largest ship to hit the seas during its time and it was built to be extremely sturdy. It was built so sturdy that White Star Line advertised the ship as unsinkable. In fact, the crew building the ship was so confident in its structure that they did not put enough life boats for everybody on the ship. Ironically on its very first voyage, the RMS Titanic met its end when it crashed into an iceberg and split in half. Over 1500 people died in this tragedy. However contrary to popular belief, the Titanic sinking was not an accident. This was one of the…show more content…
Another one of their ships was named the Olympic. The Olympic had a few collisions in the past and was nearing its last days. White Star Line did not want to lose all the money they would if the Olympic couldn’t sail anymore, so before the Titanic set out, they switched the ships. They put the Titanic logo on the Olympic and the Olympic logo on the Titanic. White Star Line’s plan was to make the Olympic look like the Titanic, so they could sink it on purpose and collect the insurance money for the Titanic. Looking at a picture of the Titanic, there are 14 portholes on the front and large evenly spaced windows. The Olympic has 16 portholes and thin, unevenly spaced windows. If you look at a picture of the Titanic right before she sailed to her doom, you can count 16 portholes and see the same thin windows the Olympic had. Also, looking at the wreckage of the supposed Titanic, it has the same unevenly spaced windows of the Olympic (Pictures have been provided on the last two pages). This is proof the ship that sank was not the…show more content…
In this collision, a large hole was created on the starboard side of the ship exactly where the Titanic hit the iceberg. Since White Star Line didn’t have enough money to pay for the repairs, they payed off the shipyard workers to switch the names of the ships. Also, when James Cameron was making the Titanic movie, he went underwater to take pictures of the Titanic. In one of his pictures the side of the Titanic is visible and some of the logo has peeled off. Under the logo, the letters M and P are clearly visible. The Titanic does not have the letters M and P in its name, but the Olympic
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