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  • Virtual Museums

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    see it at museums. Unless a local museum features different artwork from around the world; there is a rare chance that a person may be able to appreciate different types of artwork from around the world. However, today’s technology has given more people a chance to appreciate art from around the world through virtual museums online. Roman open-air museum Hechingen –Stein is a roman villa in Germany with a virtual museum online ( The museum features rooms

  • Aboriginal Possessions In The Virtual Museum

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    Name Instructor Course Date Critical Response Essay Museums collect and display various materials to show the way of life of particular communities. The Aboriginal housing possessions within virtual museums educate people about their culture, and explain how decolonization assimilated them into modern society. This forms the basis of Julia Emberley’s article entitled “(un)Housing Aboriginal Possessions in the Virtual Museum: Cultural Practices and Decolonization in and Reservation

  • Smithsonian National Museum Of Natural History

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    Museums are marvelous institutes that allow the public access to historical information, however, this mean that people need to have the ability to be mobile and have transportation to the building. The creation of virtual museums has the ability to let some travel around the world without leaving the comfort of their home. As long as someone has the ability to access the internet, one might never need to actually travel to a museum. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (SNMNH) web

  • Interactive Museum Experiences

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    Interactive Museum Experiences “I am Richard Nixon, president from 1969 to 1974. I was a lawyer and studied at Duke University Law. I died in 1994,” says Marjorie Cozzens, age 8 (Dooley, 2003, p. F4). The third grade class at Karigon Elementary School, of which Marjorie is a member, were preparing for the opening of their Presidential Wax Museum on Friday, March 7, 2003. Marjorie’s third grade teacher, Renee Bortolini has her class choose a president, learn about them, and on Friday, the

  • Human Organ Observation Paper

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    straight rows, while human corpses are displayed to be seen in the daylight. As morbid as it seems, I am not describing a scene from American Horror Story. To many’s surprise, the human body parts are featured within a local museum. Located in downtown San Jose, California; the tech museum of innovation holds an exhibit named Body Worlds decoded. The exhibition is quite controversial; featuring dissected humans on display. Although looking past this oddity, I gladly held a ticket in my hand to experience

  • Digital Engagement

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    Nowadays, many cultural institutions have challenged by the digital age. The virtual experience has replaced the physical engagement which makes the arts and cultural institutions hard to perform its function. Therefore, the use of digital engagement has potential to make arts and cultural institutions accessible to the broad public. As stated by the executive director of Delaware Art Museum, "The goal of museum education, is pleasure through enlightenment" (Vergo, 1989). It is clear that the implementation

  • PEST Analysis: Strategic Analysis Of The Museum Industry

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    for both strategy and market research and will provide a broad framework for Casa San Ysidro to consider in their future decisions. In the context of this project, we decided to to focus on a few specific factors that can affect museums within the U.S. Political - Museums in the U.S. benefit from

  • Augmented Reality Research Paper

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    Augmented Reality (AR) is a booming technology that enhances the real world with virtual objects. Using an AR system, virtual objects are integrated into the real world in real time, allowing users to believe that the real and virtual objects coexist in the same environment. Such systems are highly user interactive and can be applied in many fields such as medical, industrial, manufacturing and education. This paper focuses on two areas, namely exhibition and entertainment. This paper is organized

  • Black American West Museum Analysis

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    The Institute of Museum and Library Services is an independent government agency that tallies the number and type of museums in this country. By their count, there are 35,000 active museums, this represents a doubling of the number estimated in the 1990s (Ingraham 2014). Colorado has around 200 museums and five dedicated to African Americans (Visit Denver, 2016). The Black American West Museum started in the barbershop of the founder, Paul W. Stewart, out of his love childhood love for “Cowboys

  • Joaquin Sorolla Research Paper

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    The Hispanic Society of America hoping to get a better understanding of how Hispanic culture has impacted art. There was a decent amount of art on display although I must say the museum was smaller than expected. The most impressive piece was Joaquin Sorolla vision of Spain a very beautiful display. I left this museum with a better understanding of how Hispanic culture impacted paintings, ceramic art, and literacy. Once I arrived at The Hispanic Society of America I learned that the Sorolla Room

  • Summary Of Nature Valley Soft-Baked Oatmeal Squares

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    Examining excavated artifacts can tell researchers a lot about the people who left them behind. The artifacts can hint at characteristics such as how people lived, what time period they were from, what they ate, and how their families were structured. The identification of the three bags of artifacts was completed by utilizing artifacts that helped to infer the time period it was from. Bag one contained seven artifacts that were dug up in Missouri. The items included were a tab from a can, a

  • Brahman Sacrality And Aura In The Museum Summary

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    At has always been stored and preserved in museums, especially today to educate and entertain the major public however, there have been some critical issues with the display case of the ancient works argues Joan Brahman. Brahman states in her article “Sacrality and Aura in the Museum: Mute Objects and Articulate Space,” that when curators take ancient artifacts out of context the original meaning and function of the piece are nullified. For example, she quotes from Philip Fisher, “’Take the crucifix

  • The Pros And Cons Of Organizational Diversity

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    in a diverse environment causing detriment to the host organization. This scenario has also challenged art museum curating, where people of color have been isolated in particular institutions, different from their Caucasian counterparts in the U.S. (Simpson, 2015). This paper focuses on some rationale with regards to both minority and Caucasian individuals and the varied interests on art museum

  • Museum

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    I picked the Dallas Museum of Art because of their wide variety of different artwork. I loved the Museums vast collections of Modern art that I’ve really gotten into lately. Plus, this Museum brings different ideas and new cultures of different works of art that I’ve never really had the pleasure of experiencing. My time at the Dallas Museum of Art, was better than ever I got to spend it with my fiancée experiencing something beautiful, it was so exciting. The museum was very big and there was not

  • Essay On Natural History Museums

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    Dr. Staab BIO 1111-01 7 April 2014 Natural History Museums Funding for natural history museums and their work is very important; without natural history museums, the public would lack education about biology and the importance of it. There are natural history museums located all across the world and in some of the most well known cities. Some of these cities include New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and London. Natural history museums have many different exhibits that serve various purposes

  • The Couple in the Cage

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    reference Sara Baartman and the politics of exhibiting. Professor LaFleur in lecture on November 11 mentioned, “Museums were extremely powerful in shaping the way people saw the world” (Lecture 007). This same reasoning is why Fusco and Pena embark on this ethnographic journey. By displaying “A Savage Performance”, we see that they are subverting the past notions of ethnography. Ethnographic museums as the ones Sara Baartman was displayed in served a purpose and created a certain kind of discourse. “Discourse

  • Meaningful Symbols in the Rye by J.D Salinger

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    Cetchir on thi Ryi”, by J.D Selongir, os ebuat e buy nemid Huldin Cealfoild. Hi thonks thi edalt wurld os e banch uf “phunois.” Thi nuvil cunteons meny kiy symbuls thet hilp divilup thi nuvil, end tu hilp shuw Huldin Cealfoild’s puont uf voiw un thi wey hi siis thi wurld. Thrii uf thisi kiy symbuls oncladi: Huldin Cealfoild’s rid hantong het, thi dacks on thi Cintrel Perk leguun, end Thi Masiam uf Netarel Hostury. Oni uf thi must ompurtent end ricugnozebli symbuls on thi nuvil os Huldin Cealfoild’s

  • Possible museums

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    Museen1 (Possible Museums), which is dedicated to the development of museums for Modern and contemporary art. Together with different authors, we explored the potential of public museums for renewal and education as well as for (critical) reflection on social change by using ten examples from the past fifty years. In this connection, we took a particular interest in those historical moments in which changes that were previously unthinkable suddenly seemed possible. Hence potential museums are also conceivable

  • Children's Museum of Tacoma

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    Children’s Museum of Tacoma History and Life Cycle Examination The Children’s Museum of Tacoma, founded in 1985, has been a Tacoma icon for twenty-five years. Over the subsequent ten years, the Museum experienced successes in membership, attendance and funding. During its first ten years in existence, the Children’s Museum experienced an increased attendance, finally leading to the Fire Marshall enforcing capacity limits causing patrons to form waiting lines for entrance. In 1996, the Museum moved

  • The Art Gallery Of Hamilton (AGH)

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    institutions in Hamilton, Ontario, such as the Arctic Experience McNaught Gallery, which focuses on Inuit art, and Canadian Landscape; the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, which is an art museum as well as a school for those who specialize in art, dance, and music, and of course, our very own McMaster Museum of Art, which needs no introduction. The art institution I have focused on, however, is the Art Gallery of Hamilton (AGH, for short). The Art Gallery of Hamilton, located in the heart of Hamilton