United States Constitution: Amendment Process

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The United States constitution has an amendment process that has been included in the Bill of Rights. The amendment allows Americans to make changes on the September 17, 1789 United States Constitution was ratified and made law. The amendment of the Bill of rights has made America to continue growing in prosperity through the years and to become one of the most powerful nations in the world. The United States constitution was created with an amendment in Article V. This amendment process allows the constitution to adapt to the changes in the American society. The amendment process has made it possible for the constitution to change moderately, than being overhauled, and it has been changed to adhere to the current times and changes.

The Bill of Rights refers to the original ten rights that were granted to all American citizens by the framers of the constitution. The bill of rights has given American citizens protection against the government, and stopped the government from infringing their individual rights since the inception of the constitution. The bill of rights has given Americans the freedom of worship, speech, protected the right to fair trial, free press, unusual as well as the right to bear arms. The amendment of the bill of rights has allowed the people’s rights to be expanded, and brought changes in the society, which have shaped the American society throughout the years.

As the society changed, amendments were added to continue to adapt to the needs and civil rights of Americans. Perfect examples of amendments that have been changed in the constitution are the 13, 14, and 15 amendments. These amendments have allowed the bill of rights to change societal needs and to protect all Americans regardless of their race ...

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... power and provide individuals rights. The Bill of Rights was not added to the Constitution until it completed the ratification process. The bill of rights gives Americans constitutional rights like the right to bear arms. All Americans should be granted this right, but with restrictions on how and when to use the firearms. This will keep the community safe and protected from gun related violence, since every citizen will be in a position to defend their property and family.

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