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  • The Underground Railroad

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    The Underground Railroad The Underground Railroad was one of the most remarkable protests against slavery in United States history. It was a fight for personal survival, which many slaves lost in trying to attain their freedom. Slaves fought for their own existence in trying to keep with the traditions of their homeland, their homes in which they were so brutally taken away from. In all of this turmoil however they managed to preserve the customs and traditions of their native land. These slaves

  • Welcome to the Underground

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    Welcome to the Underground While America sleeps safely at night, safe and secure in their world, there is another world taking place, a menacing and wild world. Right beneath their noses, taking place in their super markets, in empty warehouses, abandoned buildings, parks, and at roller skating rinks. Many will never know or hear about this world, for it may be safer not to know. For if one knows, he may be tempted to want to experience this world. Just indulging one night has been known to alter

  • Underground Economy

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    Underground Economy The author of the article describe the illicit CD market that is taking place in Ukraine. He explains that 95% of the CDs shipped out the Ukraine are illicit, the producers of those CDs are not just burning low quality CDs, they are even producing their own polycarbonate discs with their own logos as a mark of quality. The International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI), which is actively looking for pirates that counterfeit CDs, seems to be desperate regarding fighting

  • underground

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    Past The worlds first underground railway recently celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012. The Times first described the idea of running trains underneath the street of London as an ‘insult to common sense.’ The London Underground opened in 1863. The first line, the Metropolitan Railway served six stations from Paddington to Farringdon. Currently the Underground stretches 402 kilometers, serving 270 stations across 11 lines. Nicknamed “the Tube,” the London Underground not only helps billions

  • Understanding the Underground Dancer

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    Understanding the Underground Dancer If you have seen him--in clubs, in parties, and even in the street--you will surely remember him. The Underground Dancer is a figure of the modern world that cannot be dismissed. Anthropologists explain dance as the expression of sexual desires, but the Underground Dancer is different, and therefore, often misunderstood. It is hard to pinpoint what he is, and what he looks like, all I can provide is shots in the dark, a desperate attempt to shed light to this

  • Ideas from the Underground

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    Ideas from the Underground Automotive designer Jerry Hirschberg was speaking to the product planning manager for marketing at Nissan about redesigning their light trucks:'Really, "I responded, growing intrigued. "Yep. Seems they use their trucks as trucks less than twenty-five percent of the time"... "What do they use them as the rest of the time?"I wondered. "Basic transportation. Cars." There. A small, barely detectable synaptic spark The truck trisected itself in my mind in to three

  • The Underground Railroad in North Carolina

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    The Underground Railroad in North Carolina The Underground Railroad was perhaps the most active and dramatic protest action against slavery in United States history and as we look at the Underground Railroad in North Carolina we will focus on the Quakers, Levi Coffin’s early years, and the accounts of escaped slaves from North Carolina. The unique blend of southern slave holder and northern abolitionist influences in the formation of North Carolina served to make the state an important link

  • Underground Economy

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    This research will look on the concept of the underground economy, a global phenomenon that can be observed in our society, and will focus on its effect on the condition of the involved groups and to determine its reality in the community of Baguio city. While there is a confusion on the real definition of the underground economy, its connection with illegal transactions that works in the “dark”, it is important to emphasize the part of the underground economy that is more ideal to analyzed which

  • National Geographic: Mysteries Underground

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    National Geographic: Mysteries Underground The video I reviewed was a National Geographic film called Mysteries Underground. This video was about extraordinary sites there are to see in underground caves. You traveled along with cave explorers and got to see all the beautiful untouched natural formations such as gypsum chandeliers, gnarled calcite columns, and jewel-like lakes. It showed and talked about all the careful proceders the cave explorers go through. It also talked about how the formations

  • Slavery - Underground Rail Road

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    The underground railroad was a network of northerners that helped slaves reached the north and Canada for safety from their plantation. It was secret and railway terms were used to describe system as a way to hide the real nature of the operation. The underground railroad extended from Maine to Nebraska but was most concentrated in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indian, New York, and The New England States. More of the more specific spots were Detroit, Michigan, Erie, Pennsylvania, Buffalo and New York. The