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  • The Secret Garden Love Quotes

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    “I was angry. I never cried. I didn’t know how to cry.” -Mary Lennox. This quote expresses how Mary feels without human relationship. The point of The Secret Garden, written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, is Mary, Colin, Lord Craven, and Mrs. Medlock need to learn to love with their heart and develop relationships. Without human relationships it’s hard to for these characters to function and get along. “My parents always thought about themselves, never about me.” Mary’s whole life she had been

  • The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett

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    The Secret Garden The Secret Garden, written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, was first published in 1910, tells a unique story about a 10 year old little girl Mary Lennox. The story goes through the transformation of main character Mary, Colin and the locked secret garden. Burnett uses many symbols during the process of these transformations. The power of nature is also presented as a magic in the story. The novel uses symbols to present different motifs like parallel lives of Mary and Colin, magic

  • Comparing the Book and Movie Version of The Secret Garden

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    The Secret Garden: Book vs. Movie The Secret Garden is a film based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic children's book bearing the same title. This movie is about a young girl who is literally shipped off to her uncle's English castle after her parents are killed in an earthquake. The main character, Mary, is played by Kate Maberly. She is tossed into a world where sunlight and cheerful discourse seem as rare as the attention she receives from the sour-pussed housekeeper Medlock, played by

  • Charlotte’s Web, Goblin Market, and The Secret Garden

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    Charlotte’s Web, Goblin Market, and The Secret Garden Instructor’s comment: This student’s essay performs the admirable trick of being both intensely personal and intelligently literary. While using children’s literature to reflect on what she lost in growing up, she shows in the grace of her language that she has gained something as well: an intelligent understanding of what in childhood is worth reclaiming. We all should make the effort to find our inner child Certain elements in children’s

  • Comparison Of The Key Passage In Catherine's 'Secret Garden'

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    Key Passage     “ The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter, and the spirit heals with joy ” (proverbs). This quote really relates back to the Secret Garden and the key passage i have chosen. The key passage i have chosen is in chapter one and is the last paragraph on page 4 which continues on to page 5. In the book up to this paragraph Burnett explains where this young girl Mary comes from and how beautiful her mother is and how successful her father is but Mary is neither of those

  • The Importance of Companionship in The Secret Garden by France Hodgson Burnett

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    The book, “The Secret Garden” by France Hodgson Burnett is a wonderful fiction classic. The book contains 279 pages of one of Burnett’s work of arts. You will be amazed by the change that happens throughout the book. The story, “The Secret Garden starts off at the main character, Mary Lennox’s house in India. She lives there with her mother and father. Her father is an army captain who she hardly ever sees and her mother is a beautiful woman who doesn’t want anything to do with her daughter. Mary

  • The Popularity of Orphans in Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden and L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables

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    Although authors may choose to base their stories on orphans for a variety of reasons, this essay will attempt to understand the motives behind choosing an orphaned protagonist. Characters like Mary Lennox in Frances Hodgson Burnett’s story, “The Secret Garden” and Anne Shirley in L.M. Montgomery’s story “Anne of Green Gables” are identifiable characters and it is because of the popularity of these characters that orphans came to be a commonly used protagonist in the literary world. It is difficult to

  • The Secret Garden Essay

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    All dramatic productions feature the elements of drama. Following a viewing of the scene ‘Someone’s crying’ from the 1993 movie ‘The Secret Garden’ three of the elements of drama have been assessed. Role, character and relationships have been utilised in ‘The Secret Garden’ to create anxiety and suspense, enticing the viewer to solve the mysteries the Secret Garden presents. The protagonist in the scene is a young girl, around the age of ten who during the night leaves her room to explore her residence

  • The Secret Garden Themes

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    right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” This is a quote said by Mary in the movie The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett. All of the characters have one part of their lives that is similar. They all want to feel happiness and love by others. When Mary first moved, the characters had very little companionship towards each other. As the movie progresses, they soon open up and realize what is most important to them all, the garden can help them find the love and happiness they


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    their identities through connection, cooperation, self-sacrifice, domesticity, and community in an indoor world of love and caring. This view of different male and female roles can be seen throughout children’s literature. Treasure Island and The Secret Garden are two novels that are an excellent portrayal of the narrative pattern of “boy and girl” books. When thinking of books that seem to be written specifically for young boys, Treasure Island is a book that comes to many minds. Treasure Island is

  • Medlock Quotes

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    e proclaimed, “I was angry. I never cried. I didn’t know how to cry.” In the movie The Secret Garden, Mary Lennox, the protagonist, lost her parents in a tragic earthquake. She never once cried about the accident, because in her case, there was nothing to really cry about. Unlike most children, Mary’s parents neglected her. She never felt loved, accepted or cared for. The closest that she ever had to a parent was her handmaiden. In her family, her parents only cared about themselves. All they did

  • Early Sunday Morning

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    the sharks ate them. Amber eventually had to go to school. She was so nervous. She thought that she wouldn't have any friends but she made one. Mr.Poole asked her if she liked to read and she said very much. He then gave her a booked called The Secret Garden. He told her she liked it as much as he did. After Thanksgiving Amber didn't know if they were going on a tour of Pearl Harbor with Lieutenant Lockhart because he had offered to take them. Andy, her dad, and Amber went on the tour. Andy was so

  • Stephen King's The Secret Window, Secret Garden

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    Secret Window, Secret Garden The Secret Window “Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different” (Stephen King). The following Steven King quotes, relates to Kings driller Secret Window, Secret Garden and Koepp’s movie The Secret Window. In both medias, both artists establish a story about a delusional writer, yet each composer has their own way of executing the story. In the gothic novella, Secret Window, Secret Garden by Stephen King, the author

  • Written By Anne Connie Stuksrud's Secrets In The Fire

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    ‘Secrets in the Fire’ written by Henning Mankell and translated by Anne Connie Stuksrud, is a heartfelt novel based on the true story of an indomitable young girl Sofia, living within war-torn Mozambique. It was an old woman from her village who originally taught Sofia about the secrets in the fire, deeply within the dancing flames forthcoming events are foreseen. However, not even the village’s wise women, Muazena, was aware of the horrors which the fire revealed to her. In her extensive journey

  • Comparing A Wrinkle In Time And The Secret Garden

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    “Growing a Lady”, a look into the development of the female main characters in A Wrinkle in Time and The Secret Garden Although The Secret Garden and A Wrinkle in Time were written more than fifty years apart and cover very different topics they are filled with a few important similarities. The main characters of the novels are both young girls who undergo a transformation process that helps them to grow and mature. Both girls start with similar unfavorable personality traits and end with a more

  • Johnny Depp's Use Of Suspense In Secret Window, Secret Garden

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    her death will be a mystery… even to me.” Secret Window is a psychological thriller movie following author Mort Rainey. The film is based on the short story by Stephen King Secret Window, Secret Garden. Secret Window utilizes many suspense tactics throughout the entirety of the film. The combination of acting, the soundtrack, and the story plot itself all aid in building suspense. Acting can add to suspense in a movie, or it can ruin it completely. The Secret Window cast did an outstanding job portraying

  • Main Characters In The Novel 'The Secret Garden'

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    “It’s locked – no one’s allowed in there.” In the book “The Secret Garden” all of the main characters have a soul that is locked up with high walls surrounding them. They have to try to use love and trust to open up their hearts and take down the high walls surrounding them. “You don’t even open your windows to let the sunshine in!” Colin Craven has built high walls around himself. The only thing he wants is to have some sort of loving relationship between his father and him. When Mary Comes to

  • Mary Lennox: A Walk In The Woods

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    Mary learns about a secret garden on the estate that has been locked away for 10 years. She becomes enchanted with the

  • “Rapaccini’s Daughter” Relevance to Modern Times

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    knowledge makes this story still popular in today’s culture because it is still a relevant worry among humankind. “Rapaccini’s Daughter” is about two lovers from a metaphorically separated world who cannot be together because Beatrice, the woman in the garden, is literally poisonous to everything she touches except for Rapaccini’s plants. By the end of the story the main character Giovanni becomes poisonous himself and tragedy befalls the lovers as Giovanni gives Beatrice what he thought was an antidote

  • What Is The Parallel Between Rappaccini's Daughter And The Garden Of Eden

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    centering around the Garden of Eden and man’s fall from God’s grace is not only a tale interpreted numerous times throughout literary history but is also the core historical beginning of the Christian faith. Within the first few pages of the Bible, people can read of a creative and loving God who crafted the universe and all life within it in only a few days. This same God took special care to then create man, the woman, and made them a lovely home within the Garden of Eden. It is this Garden of Eden that