The Secret Garden Themes

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“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” This is a quote said by Mary in the movie The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett. All of the characters have one part of their lives that is similar. They all want to feel happiness and love by others. When Mary first moved, the characters had very little companionship towards each other. As the movie progresses, they soon open up and realize what is most important to them all, the garden can help them find the love and happiness they are yearning for. In the movie The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett , the main characters are able to unlock their feelings and hearts and is demonstrated through: Mary, Collin, Lord Craven, Mrs. Medlock. In the beginning,…show more content…
The garden helps him unlock and open up his feelings. Some ways he shows this are when he is hiding away from his family in his room before he meets Mary, when he runs away from spring, and when he says “Take your bit of earth but don’t expect anything from it”. Lord Craven is always hiding away from the others in his room. This can point out that the is afraid to open up to anyone and is trying to keep himself excluded. Mary had explained in the movie that Lord Craven was trying to run away from his spring. Lord Craven’s spring was his feelings and happiness. Lord Craven later realized that the garden is what makes him open up to the others. The quote states “Take your bit of earth but don’t expect anything from it”. This can show that Lord Craven had given up and lost all hope. Later on in the movie when he is in the garden, he finally learns that once the garden is opened up and not a secret, the better he feels about himself. Do to these statements, you can tell that Lord Cravin’s feelings and emotions are part of the garden when he is hidden in his room when the garden was locked up, he hid from his feelings, and he finally expected something good from…show more content…
Medlock. Mrs. Medlock is only in charge of Mary, but little do they know, they both have alot in common relating to the garden. The garden also connects to Mrs. Medlock’s feelings such as when she sees Colin walking in the garden, when she opens up the windows, and when she is asked “you locked her in?”. When Mrs. Medlock sees Colin walking in the garden, she is very happy and excited for him but she is also a little emotional. She may be emotional because of how successful he has become and is glad that he is happy. When Mrs. Medlock opens up the windows, looking out to the garden, that can symbolize something that has been wanted but could not be reached, but has finally been reached. Mrs. Medlock open the windows to finally open up and share how she feels with the other characters. The quote that Mrs. Medlock is asked “You locked her in?” is to represent part of her name med-lock. She cannot open up until the end when she is able to see the garden. In the end, Mrs. Medlock can relate to the other characters and their relation to the garden. We can prove that she is represented by the garden when she sees Colin walking in the garden, opens up the windows to reach what she once could not, and as her name can help show that her feelings are locked
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