Crime Scene Investigating and Processing

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Crime Scene Investigating and Processing

Throughout the course of this paper I am going to talk about crime scene investigating, as well as, crime scene processing. I will talk about what a crime scene is what makes it a crime scene. That happens at a crime scene, also, what to look for at a crime scene. I will talk about who is involved in processing a crime scene and when or if other jurisdictions need to be brought in.

The first thing that happens when there is a crime being reported is the police are notified by the dispatcher. The police then record the time and the subject of the call. They also need to be sure to record who made the call and what was said during the call. Lastly the police need to be sure to record the dispatchers name and or number. Police going to a call have to be very alert and watch for fleeing suspects, witnesses or victims and the way to the call. They have to record their route to the scene and their time of arrival. Police should always park away from the scene and the evidence. Finally they want to be sure to notify the dispatcher when they arrive at the scene (

Once the police have arrived at the scene, they first have to verify the problem. They have to record the time and the situation. They also need to be sure to record how they learned about the crime or who told them. They would also want to record the appearance of suspects. Then they would want to notify the dispatcher of the situation (

Another very important priority for the police when they arrive at the crime scene is to give emergency aid if necessary, to all victims, witnesses, or suspects. Officers need to call for medical help immediately but they still need to give the appropriate aid until medics arrive. Sustaining life and minimizing injuries is a top priority of all officers. They are never to assume a person is dead unless the body is already in rigor mortis, or the body is decomposing, or the trunk or head is severed. If there is a death the medial examiner needs to be called immediately (

After the situation has been assessed, everything is recorded, and the injured or dead have been cared for the crime scene needs to be protected. This is a major responsibility of the first officers...

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... for physical evidence you have to look for items that vary in size. They can range anywhere from large objects to minute substances. It is very important to understand what types of evidence can be found at various types of crime scenes. There will be some things that are not found at the crime scene, however. When investigating a burglary you need to know to look for tool marks on a door or a broken door or window. A forcible rape you want to look at bruises semen stains or witnesses that may have heard screaming. Things like this are very important for an investigator to know to look for (Bennett & Hess, 71).

As you can see there are many different steps in investigating crime scenes. It is very important that an officer follow the proper steps in an investigation. Failure to do this can result in a suspect to go free, possible charges against the department. This is for the protection of the victims, witnesses and the suspects.



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