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  • endangered species

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    How would u feel if someone came in your neighborhood and destroyed your homes? So how would you expect the Sumatran orangutans to feel? Sumatran Orangutans homes in North Sumatra are being destroyed on a high rate, the main problem is due to fire and other development. The plan to build a road in north Sumatra threatens one of the largest-numbers of areas of the orangutan’s habitat. Not only do fires burn down many areas of orangutan’s habitat, but alot of these apes were thought to have burned

  • Orangutans

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    Orangutans In Malay orang means "person" and utan is defined as "forest'. Thus Orangutan literally means "Person of the Forest". Orangutans are found in the tropical forests of Sumatra and Borneo. They are the most arboreal of the great apes and move amongst the safety of the trees from one feeding site to the next. They are so well adapted to arboreal life that they cannot place their feet on the ground, instead they walk on the outside of their curved foot. There is a scattered population

  • Palm Oil Impacts

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    Introduction Palm oil is considered an essential ingredient for the production of foods and other products in which human use. Orangutan Project (2015) states that ‘palm oil is derived from the fruit of the oil palm tree’, and the ‘palm oil plantations are the main driver for deforestation in Indonesia’. The harvest of the palm trees for the production of palm oil affects the ecosystem as it can affect the environment. This investigation with highlight out the advantages of the palm fruit providing

  •  Globalization’s Effect on the Orangutan

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    the opposite effect on orangutans. This endangered species once thrived throughout South East Asia but is now confined to the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Companies producing palm oil, have repeatedly placed economical expansion before the well being of non-human elements such as the orangutan. These companies have expanded onto the rainforests in hopes of economic growth. The Orangutan Foundation International, started by the most prestigious primatologist studying orangutans, Birutė Galdikas, warns

  • Orangutan Persuasive Speech

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    Hello good morning ladies and gentlemen. Have you ever seen an Orangutan? Have you ever touch them? Well, talking about Orangutan, there are many sad cases about them. In 2015, in Ketapang, West-Borneo, a five-months-old baby Orangutan named Budi was kept as a pet after being stolen from his family in the wild. He spent his first year in a chicken cage and he was treated badly. Whole part of his body were injured, there were so many wounds. He couldn’t walk or sit up on his own, he was too skinny

  • Orangutans Essay

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    After researching and observing the lives of orangutans I can support my hypothesis. The orangutans are restricted into a small area, fed when the trainers feed them, and live on the ground because there are no trees causing them to have a different lifestyle than the wild orangutans. The captive orangutans are taken care of by the trainer and never have to struggle to get food. They seem to sit and sleep at the same time, for majority of the time I was observing. There are no predators for them

  • Orangutan Decline

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    occupying most of South and Southeast Asia, orangutans today are only found in fragmented dipterocarp and peat swamp forests (Groves 1971) on the islands of Borneo, Malaysia and Sumatra, Indonesia (Buij et al. 2002; Sharma et al. 2012). The Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) is more severely threatened than the Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) with surviving populations numbering 12,500 in northern Sumatra (Buij et al. 2002). Experts have estimated that the orangutan species’ have declined 10-fold within

  • Analysis Of The Homeless Animal Campaign

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    How well informed are you about global warming? Do you know that by 2030, at least 18% of the world’s coral reefs will be gone? Do you know that by 2050, up to 400 species of bird will be endangered or extinct? Do you know that by 2080, New York City will be under 3 feet of water due to rising sea levels? Most of these facts are not well known and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) seeks to change this. The WWF’s “mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life

  • The Disadvantages Of Zoos

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    There are a plenty of animals on the face of this earth and they live on different terrains. But there is one place where most of them can be found and that place is called zoo. Children love going to zoos and watch their favorite animals. But after growing up they realize that those animals are not living like they are supposed to. Zoos can be found in every major city in the world, and they accommodate both native and exotic animals. These beings can vary from an elephant to a kiwi and that is

  • Zoos: Whom Are We Really Helping?

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    Zoos: Whom are we really helping? Peoples Trust has provided me with an extreme amount of information on why zoos are beneficial through their “Zoos & Conservation article.” Peoples Trust has pointed out that not every zoo mistreats their animals, but never took into consideration how the animals themselves may undergo, and what is being taken away from them. Peoples Trust article “Zoos & Conservation” touched surface solely on zoos located in Britain. What about the rest of the world? Luckily

  • National Park Essay

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    national park in 2004 and a decision had been made to expand this park to over 621 miles of spacious area for the habitats of the park to live. This national park was created to protect its wildlife, the Sumatran elephants and Sumatran tigers, but it is also the home for thousands of orangutans that have come to reside here. Without this forest, these animals would not be able to survive. Not only does the park have to deal with the growers who are legally planting palm trees, but also they have

  • Phoaching Of The Sumatran Tiger

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    The Issue The Sumatran Tiger known also as Panthera Tigris Sumatrae is endemic of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. As the smallest surviving subspecies [1] of tiger “distinguished by their heavy black stripes on their orange coat” [1] the Sumatran tiger has become critically endangered with estimations of a wild population of less than 400. A 1978 estimate from experts suggested there was 1,000 [2] Sumatran tigers but since then we have seen an estimated 60% decrease in the Sumatran tiger population

  • Essay On Palm Oil

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    threatening many species, including the Sumatran elephant, tiger, and orangutan, as well as the Bornean orangutans and pygmy elephants, all of which are critically endangered

  • Orangutans Research Paper

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    am speaking of is the orangutan. After discussing all five great ape species in class, orangutans were the most interesting and intriguing of the bunch, and for that I have chosen to conduct further research on them, and I will go over what I have learned about these animals, such as their environment, social structure, conservation status and efforts, past and present, population, etc. I’ll first start off with a little introduction to orangutans. To start off, orangutans, which are classified in

  • Vanishing Wildlife: A Crisis in Sabah, Malaysia

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    hunting for generations. Only 100 years ago, Bornean Headhunters were still in action. Already this year we lost two species of rhinoceros in the world. The West African Black Rhino, and Javan Rhino of Vietnam (source: The Atlantic Wire). There are no Sumatran rhinos left in the wild in the Malaysian state of Sabah, confirmed Masidi Manjun, the Tourism Culture and Environment Minister. In 2008, conservationists estimated there were around 50 rhinos in the stare. Five years later, it dropped that estimate

  • primates

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    like humans, are catarrhines and part of the superfamily hominoidea. Apes started to appear in the Miocene about 20 million years ago(lecture notes, week 10), under this category there are many primates that are distinguished as apes, such as, orangutans, gibbons, chimpanzees, and gorillas. These particular primates are from the old world and are native to Africa and Asia. Apes can be distinguished by the foramen magnum towards the back of the skull, having no tail, and having a hook nose (Larsen

  • Environmental Impact Of Palm Oil: Environmental And Social Impacts

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    Environmental and social impacts Vegetal oils are one of the most rapidly expanding sectors in agriculture. Palm oil is an example of it, being the most produced than any other vegetable oil. The oil palm plantations are found in tropical forests, ecosystems really suitable for this kind of practices due to their high conservation values. The deforestation practiced for the plantation of this monoculture, lead to a destruction of the habitat and the consequent eviction of the forest-dwelling people

  • Palm Oil

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    heat and rainfall are sufficient. Today almost all of the palm oil is exported from Indonesia or Malaysia. Immense amount of untouched rainforest in Indonesia and Malaysia is slashed and burned each year in may lead the extinction of our beloved orangutans. Palm Oil is an extremely popular oil amongst manufacturers Cadbury, Chanel, Colgate, Earthly Essentials etc. because of the variety of foods they can use the palm oil for. Examples are the baked goods, confectionery, cosmetics, body products and

  • Tragedy of Deforestation in Brazil and Indonesia

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    Introduction Deforestation is fast becoming one of the world’s worst environmental/geographical occurring disasters known to mankind, and is due to humankind’s greed, ignorance and carelessness when considering the future of our environment. On average millions of hectares of forests are destroyed each year resulting in severe consequences that will affect not only our lifestyle, but also all the animals with which we share our planet. Many species of animals and plants will become extinct and

  • I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

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    Product Category Analysis Product History: Ice cream is believed to have been made in China in 300 B.C, it was later introduced in to Europe via Italy within the thirteen century. Ice cream back then was made by taking sweet cream, custard that was then cooled down with ice. At first it was eaten by only the elite since they had access to ice therefore it was a rare treat. In the late 19th century it was consumed by Americans across all socio economic levels. There have been many technological innovations