The Disadvantages Of Zoos

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There are a plenty of animals on the face of this earth and they live on different terrains. But there is one place where most of them can be found and that place is called zoo. Children love going to zoos and watch their favorite animals. But after growing up they realize that those animals are not living like they are supposed to. Zoos can be found in every major city in the world, and they accommodate both native and exotic animals. These beings can vary from an elephant to a kiwi and that is the reason why zoos are so popular. People love visiting zoos because they get to witness animals and birds doing the things they would do in the wild. But in reality they are forced to live in a cage or some enclosed chamber for the rest of their…show more content…
Also when number of certain species exceed the limit they are also killed (Geer). Zoo keepers do this because the cost of feeding them is astronomical and less animals mean less expenditure. The number of animals of each species is kept within a certain numbers to attract maximum number of visitors. Most of the killed animals end up in hands of taxidermists, meat industries and research facilities (Geer). It has also been witnessed that surplus animals are sold off to circuses and hunting ranches. These “surplus animals” then have to perform in the circuses and that also has many negative effects on their psyche (“10 facts about zoos”). Whereas the animals on the hunting ranch are not even treated like living beings (“Captive Hunts Fact Sheet”). They are hunted down and even if some of them survive they are not treated back, this instills a feeling of fear in them and that results in people being attacked. Recently a video clip made rounds on the social media. Video showed the conditions of a zoo in Gaza where all the animals were dying of famine because of lack of funds. But they were still not released and as a result most of them died…show more content…
Although this argument is valid to some point, but it only help children to get acquainted with only some species of animals. (“10 facts about zoo”). But that still does not mean that it is reasonable to keep them enclosed in their cages. “Instead it should be allowed for animals to roam freely in sanctuaries and national parks as that will let children and people to witness the interactions between nature and wild animals. Creating sanctuaries will also help scientists in their study of these animals as they will get to study creatures unrestricted and close to their homes, instead of those who are kept within cages and forced to behave in a single way. This will also help to raise awareness about species that are endangered or on the brink of extinctions”.

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