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  • Something New

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    There were no maps. No one was sure of what lied behind the large stone walls. The quaint forested village had been sustaining its usual pleasantness until the confusions and unknown anomalies of life took place, one night, in the town of Dalvar. A storm brewed fiercely, bearing more rain than he had ever seen. The dark, stygian clouds congregated in menacing fashion. Staying inside seemed safe enough; yet the next day, when going outside to fetch water from the river as usual, someone was yelling

  • The Healing Power of Writing

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    one morning and knew I had to figure out what was going on. I unearthed my journal from where I'd hidden it under a pile of books and magazines. I put my pen to the blank paper and kept it moving. By the end of the first page, I knew I was on to something. The act of writing down my thoughts like this, uncensored and meant for no eyes but mine, is terrifically liberating. It's amazing how often surprises come to light, little gifts offered up by my subconscious. In that hour of writing, I realized

  • Got Sanity?

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    playful puppy full of energy. It sure grew up fast.  Keith thought about a girl he once fell in love with.  He should probably get married before he turned thirty.  Who knows maybe he'll never get married. As Keith sat there, now thinking about his new, red truck, he noticed his shoe was untied.  He stretched down to retie it and saw a small card beside his foot.  Funny, he hadn't noticed it there before.  Maybe it blew up in the breeze.  Yes that's what happened, the wind had blown it there when

  • Cancer - Separating Science from Sensationalism

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    Separating Science from Sensationalism in the Media Today there are many different theories concerning cancer and the causes of it. There are constantly new experiments being done on animals for the testing of different products to see if they may possibly cause cancer. These experiments often use rats and a very high dosage of a substance. Many of these results do not really apply to humans because of all the differences in the circumstances. When the media gets a hold of the results of these

  • Analysis of T. S. Eliot's East Coker

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    poet's reflection on the English village in which his ancestor Sir Thomas Elyot wrote The Governour, and from which Andrew Elyot embarked for the New World (Blamires 41). Eliot understood poetry to be a series of images, phrases, and feelings deposited into the consciousness of the poet and then fused together to form something new (Eliot 55). Often, this collection is unified by a device that has little to do with the actual emotions that are the subject of the poem. In "East

  • Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded - Sexuality and the Morally Didactic Novel

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    the novel and others the social deconstruction it implies; however, the most emphatic is likely to be the Marquis de Sade's literary response in Justine (1791) and Juliette (1797). As we've already seen in "Fantomina," the erotic novel is not something new to the 18th century, and examples such as John Cleland's Fanny Hill (1748) provide explicit materials to demonstrate that the pornography and sadism of the day were as explicit as our own. As Shamela illustrates, this erotic aspect of Pamela cannot

  • Disabilities Awareness Program

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    people with disabilities and our attitudes toward them. Responding to a request sent out to English teachers, we came together to try something new which I hope you will enjoy reading as much as we have enjoyed writing. My first job as student editor was to attend a ceremony last June at the Executive Mansion celebrating the inclusion of students with disabilities in New York State schools. I was completely awestruck at the determination of the students I met there. They had so willingly separated

  • Teens, Sex, and Virginity - Teenage Pregnancy

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    has always been present in society. There is research stating that about half the women, born between 1900- 1910, who were interviewed were non-virginal at marriage (17 Ravoira). This contradicts some thoughts that premarital sexual behavior is something new. There was another study done in 1953, it found that one fifth of all first births to women were conceived before marriage (17 Ravoira). Even before our modern openness in discussing sexual behavior and acceptance that it does occur, it was quite

  • A Conversation with Anna Quindlan and Alice Walker

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    can be an inconspicuous observer of the world. I have a view of the street outside the window and a view of the interior of the coffeeshop from this vantage point. While on the way to my table, I noticed something new in my second home. There the two of them sat. One white, thirty-something, in a conservative blue dress. The other black, only the experience that shows in her eyes giving away her true age of fifty-two, dressed in a colorful, flowing dress that seemed to have a vibrant life

  • Male Dominance in The Yellow Wallpaper

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    that she has a problem.  Everyday she keeps looking at the tore yellow wallpaper. She finds it really interesting observing it.  She likes writing personally.  And so she writes about the yellow wallpaper.  Everyday she would find something new to write about. The wallpaper really represents the society.  Those bars, which she sees in front of the wallpaper, represent freedom.  It is the boundary that woman wants to break open of.  Women image behind the bars, tries to