I Hate Decisions

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When I decide to go out to eat, I generally have picked out where I want to go and what I want to order before I leave home. Nevertheless, when I arrive at the restaurant, my mind races in circles. Should I get what I was craving on the way here, or should I get what is on special? Should I try something new and different, or should I get one of my old favorites? Should I get it Supersized? For here or to go? Do I want the soup or salad? Should I get something to drink or for dessert? What would go best with the main course? After agonizing over all of my choices, I usually just end up following my gut instinct and ordering what I had in mind on the way to the restaurant. Decisions have always tended to come difficult for me, big or small. Similar to selecting a meal at a restaurant, I have an extremely difficult time choosing a major at college. Since grade school, I have dreamed of becoming a schoolteacher. I had always envied their big desk, red pens, and superior knowledge. However, as I grew older, I became increasingly aware of how expensive college ...
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