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  • Social Values In Social Work

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    Sometimes in Social Work the values that are outlined in the NASW Code of Ethics do not always match up with societal values, and even personal values. The societal values are; Cultural Diversity, Equality, Freedom, Integrity, Knowledge Building, Privacy, and Social justice. Some of these values match up with the Code of Ethics, while some of these do not. The Code of Ethics list the Social Work values as such; Service, Social Justice, Dignity and Worth of the Person, Importance of Human Relationships

  • Pain - No Redeeming Social Value

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    Pain - No Redeeming Social Value No better person exemplifies the ill than in-hospital patients, trapped against their will by both doctors and physical pain. They experience a variety of negative traits, such as being self-absorbed. An excellent example of a person’s self-absorption occurs in life and death situations. In lifeguard training, one of the first things that is taught was never to directly approach someone who is drowning. When someone is drowning they are panicking, the pain that

  • What Are Personal Values In Social Work

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    personal values. Everyone is diverse by their different values and the way they choose to live their life. My personal values affect the way I make my own choices and decisions in my life. When I obtain employment as a social work, I will have to follow the social worker’s code of ethics and values established by the National Association of Social Workers even if they are unlike my values. Therefore, I will explain my personal values as they relate to social work values and whether my values are mindless

  • The Persona Code Of Social Responsibility And Values

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    Some of the values expressed in different statements and artifacts. Our Vision statement “All Children Deserve the Best” acknowledges social responsibility and excellence. The Mission statement states, "Partnering with parents and community, we provide a strong educational foundation to prepare children for future success" expresses collaboration and social responsibility. Agency’s Parent Handbook has all the relevant information for parents to get familiar with the rules, procedures, expectations

  • Social Values in Transition: 1789-1815, Alternate Visions

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    Social Values in Transition: 1789-1815, Alternate Visions Saint-Simon wanted to see scientists at the top of the political structure. He proposed the idea of a scientific priesthood of the Religion of Newton. Later he added industrialists and artists to the religion believing that emotions must be satisfied as well as reason. Francois Marie Charles Fourier wanted to liberate human nature. His theory was: What makes men happy? Their passions. What makes them miserable? The inhibition of their

  • Human Values and Social Structures

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    Human Values and Social Structures It can be said that Golding describes the moral of the book in relation to the scientific mechanics of society. This is found as a major theme in the book, which is actually fear. The boys on the island view this ideal in the form of the "beastie". The "beastie" is an unseen figure on the island, which is symbolized of the dead parachutist. This fear, however, represents the potential evil found in humans. Yet, this evil is only brought about amongst specific

  • Values Vs Social Acceptance

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    Values Vs Social Acceptance Values are guidelines to the way we choose to live our lives. Values are the conceptions or ideas that act as standards for judging what is right or wrong, worthwhile or worthless, beautiful or ugly, good or bad. Values differ from person to person. For example, a forty-year old husband with four kids will more than likely have a different set of values than an eighteen-year old freshman just entering college. The freshmen’s conceptions of what is good or bad would

  • Social Work Values

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    The values of the social work profession has the following six core values; service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. It is my belief that because so many of these values align with my personal beliefs this profession is a perfect fit for me. While all of theses values I resonate with, the three that are of the utmost importance are social justice, dignity and worth of a person, and social justice. These values mean the

  • Values in Contemporary Social Work

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    Shared values are essential in the creating a successful relationship between the client and social worker. Social workers operate within society, not only to assist the individual but to create a more cohesive society. Values and ethics permeate the whole of social work practice and the society within which it practices (Shardlow 1989). Values are afforded a high position within social work, this is highlighted in: “Social work is a professional activity. Implicit in its practice are ethical principles

  • Religious Values In Social Work

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    Being loved by God, many social workers naturally choose social work as their profession, these christians wish to to share the same love God provides for them to others who are in need. These christian social workers share this love with people who are poor, or troubled, or if a person is just in need of some talking to. Lucas kicks off this book by saying; Secular social work and religion obviously share a number values (Lucas Ch1). Lucas claims that is what made it possible for a christian such