Social Values And Ethics In Social Work

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Social work values and ethics at times may seem controversial, as there is a fine line between situations appearing to be ethical or unethical. Though I believe with regards to ethics the only situation I deem completely never ethical is a sexual relationship between a client and a professional. With regards to number one, I think that a client buying a professional a gift of under $10 like a coffee mug or a souvenir to show their gratitude may be ethical. Yet, if the worker were to buy the social worker something like a shot glass for example and the social worker accepts it may be inappropriate and unethical. According to Frederic G. Reamer PHD in his article “’Tis the Season: Managing Client Gifts” (2013) he states, “most clinical social workers agree that in many…show more content…
I think it may be ethical if there is no harm being done to the ex-client whether physical or mental. I expect that the worker always restrain from treating the person after termination as a client, as this person is no longer a client. I also believe that for the friendship to be considered ethical both the client and social worker have to understand that if this client were to need some type of social work assistance later on in the future the social worker in this case could not ever see this person as a potential client, which is where referral to another social worker would be in effect. In the code of ethics section 1.06 conflict of interest the NASW states “Social workers should not engage in dual or multiple relationships with clients or former clients in which there is a risk of exploitation or potential harm to the client”(p.59). NASW code of ethics argument can be summarized as potentially harmful to have multiple relationships, therefore, if the client is no longer a client and only a friend no harm is being

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