Inside the Mind of Shakespeare's Macbeth

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Inside the Mind of Macbeth Some writers concern themselves with inward psychological processes. In these works the focus is the mind of the character and the decisions that he makes. The reader is concentrated on whether the character will make the right choice or the wrong choice. He can stay the same, or learn something about himself and change. In the play Macbeth, Shakespeare uses the mental processes of Macbeth to reveal and explore his character. Through the opinions that Macbeth possesses, the reader interprets his personality. Macbeth goes through many changes, each time gaining more and more evil. As the play progresses, he loses his soul and humanity. Macbeth is introduces into the play as a brave and loyal servant. He feels respect for his king and is willing to risk his life for him. At this point he is selfless and good. He, himself, is proud of his service to his king. It is when he is confronted by evil that he begins to doubt the true worth of his loyalty. As he is given honors he begins to gain pride. As a servant, a man must feel loyalty and respect for his master. With time, Macbeth steps over that line and begins to feel more pride in his accomplishments than pride in his service to his king. When confronted with the possibility that he might be king, Macbeth becomes selfish and self-serving. The witches give him the idea that there is a possibility that he could be great. Lady Macbeth persuades him that in order to be a true man he must assert his power. He is constantly fed with pride by the king and his peers. He would like to improve his own rank in society. Seeing that people trust in his command, he considers being king. Unable to control his intense pride and need to fulfill it, Macbeth decides to kill Duncan. The people around him, either by design or by accident, have convinced him of the idea. Macbeth believes that he deserves this power and decides that he will take it in his own way. He still holds some remorse for what he does, but goes through with killing Duncan anyway. It is after Duncan is killed, that the sinister Macbeth comes out. The new characteristic that is introduced is that Macbeth is very controlling. Macbeth still does not feel comfortable with his position.
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