Essay on the Transformation of Beowulf

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The Transformation of Beowulf In the length of the poem, Beowulf goes from abandoned child to gallant warrior to King. This transformation, expressed in the tone and content of the poem, shows the importance of the relationship between lord and thane and expresses the ultimate value of that connection. From the difference in battle scenes to Beowulf’s speeches, it is clear that he has gone from a somewhat self-loving hero to a selfless king. Within this change he also goes from serving a lord to becoming a lord, and in that way the poem shows us the importance of both sides of the relationship. Initially it is said that Beowulf goes to flight Grendel because, "he could not brook or abide the fact / that anyone else alive under heaven / might enjoy greater regard than he did" (43). In the end he fights the dragon more for the good of his people than for his own pride; he dies relieved because "[he] has been allowed to leave [his] people / so well endowed" (2796). The battle scenes themselves are also an indicat...
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