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  • Into The Forest

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    Into the forest. In the novel ‘into the forest’ the two main characters, Nell and Eva, lived together their entire lives. Although they grew up with together in the same remote place with the same parents, they developed unique personalties and views on life. In the early stages of the novel there are small things that differentiate the two girls. For example, Nell, wants to be thrifty, save and preserve the things, while Eva is prepared to use things to get something done, her thinking isn’t

  • Theme Of Isolation In The Dead Child

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    The teacher responds by helping the children in the grieving process. I think the reason why the characters respond in such different manners is the geographical setting. In the short story “The Dead Child” Gabrielle Roy develops the idea that the physical setting has a massive impact on the psychology of the characters. This is shown initially by how the teacher responds to the death of Yolande, which in turn affects how the children respond to Yolande’s death, this reason consequently

  • Glass Menagerie

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    Laura’s brother who is invited to dinner one night. Laura had a crush on him in high school, but she is still shy around him. When Jim talks to Laura during the night he is at dinner she does not fully respond to Jim’s friendly questions and his gentle talk, rather she replies slowly and does not fully respond. Laura says that “I know, but I did, and I-“ (608), then Jim has to finish where Laura left off by saying, “you mean you were shy with people (609).” Laura said that wanted Jim’s autograph in High

  • How to Respond to an Emergency

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    My colleague and I received an emergency call at 03.40hrs to reports of a two-vehicle road traffic collision. Once on the scene it was confirmed as a high-speed collision. I was given a brief handover from the lead paramedic who was dealing with a patient that had sustained serious deceleration injuries due to the mechanisms involved. The paramedic stated,” the patient is mechanically trapped we have to wait for the fire service to cut him free”. Our priority at this stage was to prevent further

  • Respond to the Oil Crisis

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    Since the first oil crisis in 1973, the fraction of oil in the energy mixture has dropped greatly, while world energy consumption has doubled. As President Richard Nixon mentioned “this winter have now been sharply altered by the recent conflict in the Middle east.[ Karen R. Merrill, “The Energy Emergency,” in The Oil Crisis of 1973-1974: A Brief History with Documents, ed. Karen R. Merrill et al. (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2007), 66.]” And because of this conflict, most oil producer were no

  • Respond to the work of Horst Faas

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    In this essay I am going to respond the work of Horst Faas, a German photojournalist who was most famous for his documentary photography during the Vietnam War (1956-1975). Horst Faas captured these images by being in the middle of the action and following troops and Vietnamese civilians who where caught in the middle of all the conflict. His photography has shown the rest of the world the horror, fear and bravery from civilians and soldiers who lived through this traumatic time. I feel the images

  • Adversities of Life: How to Respond

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    to: make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction. All people go through struggle at one point or another in their lives, regardless wealth, religion, or ethnicity. What truly defines how benevolent one is, is how they respond to the adversity that they face. For example, the death of a loved one, a spouse cheating on the other spouse, a sinful act, or perhaps undeserved humiliation are all applicable. Throughout The Scarlet Letter three characters encounter a desperate

  • Gabrielle Douglas’ Responds to Criticism

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    Visualize a teenage girl watching television, surfing the internet, and reading magazines. She sees beautiful women everywhere she turns. She is looking in her bedroom mirror wondering why she does not have similar beauty. She begins to feel self-aware because she reads and hears criticizing comments about the females who are just like her. She says to herself, “Am I not considered beautiful because my skin is not as clear as Angelina Jolie? Do I not fit in the category “pretty” because I do not

  • How to Recognize and Respond to Hallucinations and Delusions

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    schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, brain injury, or the increased use of drugs such as crystal methamphetamine, experiencing these symptoms in some form is not entirely uncommon. This article describes what hallucinations and delusions are and suggests ways to respond to the people in our lives who experience these symptoms as distressful. What are Hallucinations? Hallucinations involve hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting or smelling something that does not actually exist. A hallucination feels very vivid and

  • How People Respond to Interpersonal Rejections

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    1987) and interpersonal relationships (Williams 2000). Although ostracism can be seen as a social norm the effect this can have on an individual has the potential of being detrimental to individuals including extreme feelings of hurt. Individuals can respond to rejection in different ways ranging from psychologically to behaviourally. Both psychological and behavioural responses to interpersonal rejection posit theories based on the various paradigms used to stimulate ostracism in experimental settings