Literature Focus Unit

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Literature Focus Unit

Day One, Session One:

Materials: The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs, by Jon Scieszka, Literary Report Cards worksheet, student journals, pencil

Introduce story:

1. A grand conversation about different versions of well known fairytales (Ashpet and Cinderella etc.)-Prepare

2. Show students the cover of the book and read the title and then ask for predictions about the book- Prepare, Read

Read the story aloud to the students cover to cover- Read

After finishing the book:

1. Have students write their initial responses to the story in a journal. Ask them to think about how this story was different and similar to the traditional story of the Three Little Pigs. –Respond, Explore

2. Have a grand conversation about the book and what the students first thought of it. Recap what they have written in their journals. Have volunteers summarize what they have written. Ask students to look through the book and point out similarities and differences between the two versions of The Three Little Pigs. –Respond, Explore

3. Hand out the Report Card book review. Have students complete the book review as in class homework- Respond

Day One, Session Two:

Materials: The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs, by Jon Scieszka, paper for a word wall, markers,

Continuation of the lesson:

1. Review the day’s previous activities. Review what the students have completed with their literary report cards. - Prepare

2. Tell the students that they will be reading the book again. Have them listen carefully to the words in the story and write down any words that they don’t already know or understand. – Prepare

Students buddy read with a partner- Read

After the story:

1. Ask students to share their found words with a partner. –Respond

2. Have students compare their words in their groups and narrow their lists down to 5 words total. -Respond

3. Have students create a word wall with their found words- Explore

4. Discuss the new words on the word wall in class. Define the words, look at how they are used in the book, and create example sentences in which the words could be used.-


5. Ask students to create a found poem using the words on the new word wall. Give them time in class to begin. Have the students share their found poems at the beginning of the next lesson.-Explore

Day Two, Session One


Review all of the previous lesson’s activites.-Prepare

Have students first share their poems with a partner.
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