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  • Profession or Not

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    Organization…Or Not 1LT Geiger, Grace SCCC 005-14 I do not believe the Army can currently be viewed as a profession, or an organization of professionals, because of several glaring reasons. The reasons for my opinion are lack of continued education, lack of desire to make a long-term career, bureaucratic policies hindering motivation, and lack of pride or discipline. Jobs that are generally viewed as professions by the public are those of doctors or lawyers. These are jobs that require a dedication to that

  • The Army; A Profession

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    reasons why the Army should be considered a profession. The Army trains and certifies its members, has continuing development of its personnel, and contains many professions within it. Much like doctors and lawyers, the Army requires each member to complete training and certification. The Army focuses on development of its personnel to maintain skills important to the profession. Aside from the profession itself, the Army contains many other professions. The U.S. Army has and will continue to

  • The Profession of Accounting

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    An accountant’s job duties are to compile, examine, confirm, and prepare financial statements that include the profit and loss analysis of a given organization/corporation (Ferguson). A typical day would entail working indoors, assessing information and evaluating “best-practices” to recommend (“Accountants”). Some of the main skills that are required form an accountant would be to have analytical, problem-solving, communication, math, and organizational skills (“Accountants”). These skills go hand

  • Teaching - A Rewarding Profession

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    Teaching - A Rewarding Profession Being the first to attend college in my family, it was hard to decide what field I wanted to go into. There were so many choices. In making such a large lifelong decision, I decided to follow my heart. I thought back to when I was in high school at Narrows. I had a wonderful experience there. I also had some great, inspiring teachers. One teacher sticks out clearly to me. It was my AP Biology class my senior year. The teacher expected so much. He

  • The Highly Appreciated Profession of Teaching

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    valued profession teaching also requires a progressive education and high academic standing. Any profession, along with intellectual accomplishments, also requires some sort of entry exam such as a bar exam or in the case of teaching a PRAXIS exam. Teachers are strongly committed to helping students reach their ambitions and watching students grow. A teacher also devotes their lives to helping families, and communities in need of higher educational programs and facilities. The teaching profession has

  • Army Profession Of Arms Essay

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    U.S. Army – A Profession of Arms Colonel Mathew Moten once said, “Professions are not professions simply because they say they are. Their clients, society as a whole, have to accept their claims and trust the professions with jurisdiction over important areas of human endeavor”. Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind the words, "Profession of Arms?" Or what it takes to be part of an organization? There are many occupations, but none quite like the Army Profession of Arms. Typically

  • The Three Main Accounting Professions

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    This report is on the three main accounting professions. I will be talking about CA, CGA and CMA and what they do for a living. These three accounting professions may seem the same but I will be explaining how they are different. I will discuss all of these details in my report. I’ll start off talking about the roles and duties of these three accounting professions. A Chartered Accountant’s role or purpose is “providing professional advice, aiming to maximise profitability on behalf of their client

  • Case Study Of The Human Service Profession

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    Human Service profession is a gratifying service because not only is it responsible for clients, it is also responsible for the community and environment. Each field has individual responsibilities but together they help one another. Human Service professionals must make sure that they and their employers are each contributing and working well in order for this to work. The fourth section of the Ethical Standards is titled, “The Human Service Professional’s responsibility to the profession.” This means

  • Discussion Essay: Characteristics Of Teaching As A Profession

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    Teaching as a Profession Until the twentieth century, teachers had very little preparation and training to becoming an educator. Teacher training typically involved one to two years at a teacher’s college before being employed at a local school, where teachers had to follow strict rules and regulations- even outside of the school. However, teachers have recently been working hard towards being professionals in their fields and they have earned the right to be judged on their success at work, rather

  • Importance Of Professionalism And Professional Boundaries In The Nursing Profession

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    Professionalism and Professional Boundaries in the Nursing Profession Professionalism and staying within professional boundaries is not only a critical part of maintaining your patient’s trust, but it is also a law that nurses must follow to remain practicing. Patients are vulnerable to the nurse in this position, so the nurse must be careful not to break this trust. Professional boundaries are the gap between the nurse’s professional position and the vulnerability of the patient. Nurses are required