Mrs. Warren?s Profession

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Mrs. Warren’s Profession

Mrs. Warren’s profession, written by Mr. George Bernard Shaw, shows the world how women are being exploited through capitalism. The characters, stage, and themes make this an enjoyable play with a deep-rooted message. For example, during the 1800’s women could be employed as factory workers, bar maids, and prostitutes. Many opportunities afforded men were taboo for women. Men were able to attend college take the challenging subjects and get a degree. However, women could go to college, but would be denied the diploma and the classes needed to be competitive in the business world. There were three themes: exploiting women, greed, and Mrs. Warren’s drive to provide for her daughter and shelter her for the truth.
In the opening act the focus is placed on women in general. A picture of a naked woman overshadows the stage, subconsciously focusing your attention to the themes of prostitution and exploitation of women. This shows the fate women faced in society at that time.
Mrs. Warren is a very colorful character gaining knowledge through life experience rather than a college degree. She is a very smart woman who is able to survive and make a profitable living in a man’s world. She made some hard decisions growing up as a child., as a result, she chose to be a professional prostitute. Her life style allowed her the riches, and luxuries not afforded to most women.

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Mrs. Warren’s main goal in life was providing a better life for her daughter. With the help of her sister she was able to get a brothel established and made it extremely successful. Unfortunately, the title of Madam has no honor and causes her daughter to reject her. She acquired wealth and power equal to that of her male business partner, Mr. George Crofts, but Mrs. Warren still lacks the respect by society due to her profession. She hated working as a bar made and didn’t want to end up like her ...

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...urely set the mood of the play. The naked photo over shadowing the entire play focus on the meaning of the play. Using woman servants, plainly dressed, throughout the play makes the point of a woman’s destiny in life. The scene were plain, lacked color but was fitting because it allowed George Bernard Shaw’s message to be heard. The lighting set the tempo of the play. The language shows the differences between the mother and her friends and Vivie. Vivie is a refined woman with class, well dressed and her mother, a nice woman, but lack the class and skills of Vivie world.
The characters, stage, and themes make this an enjoyable play. The play is very successful getting the message across about women being exploited as prostitutes. It was unfortunate that the good intentions and hard work of Mrs. Warren ultimately causes her to loose her daughter. It is ironic that her mother’s profession, a madam, which provides the life for Vivie with a fine education and all the perks of being rich, causes them to have different values and perceptions on life issues. Mrs. Warren did the best she could to provide for her daughter but lost her because of greed and refusing to stop exploiting women.