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    Professional As people go through life, they most likely come upon a person who affects their life for the better, and sends them in the right direction. For some, however, they may never have a person who gives them this push, or perhaps someone had the opportunity to be that person who does the pushing, but does not. Many people have been propelled to success because of the care of another person. Some of these positive influences may include a parent, minister, or a friend. Though all three

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    Professional I remember when my sister and I would play school with our friends. It was one of the best experiences that I had. It was this experience that helped me make up my mind about being a teacher. Now as I move through the different stages in the educational program, I have determined that I have developed certain beliefs. By teaching and working with children, people can see my beliefs. My philosophy towards education is progressivism. Progressivism can be found in my

  • Professional Relations : Professional Stagnation

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    that a friend/acquaintance of yours has been consistently and constantly climbing up the professional ladder year on year and you on the other hand have kind of got stuck at a particular place for a long time now. This is a clear case of Professional stagnation. Situations of professional stagnation are very dangerous for the concerned individual mentally and eventually physically in addition to professional setbacks which often lead to demotivation/ discontentment/ loss of interest in the job/ hating

  • Professional Development of Nursing Professionals

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    program (IOM, 2010). Moreover, the nurses should engage in continued lifelong learning and include probabilities for seamless transition to higher degree programs. This will allow nurses to work collaboratively and effectively with other health professionals in a multidimensional and progressing health care system in a diversity of settings. Furthermore, IOM recommends to implement nursing residency programs, that State Board of Nursing, the Federal and healthcare organizations should support completion

  • Professional Issues Of A Medical Professional

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    Chinwenwa Iheme Professional Issues A medical Professional is generally someone in the healthcare field. Medical Professionals are part of a team that delivers services related to humans or animal’s health. Examples of Medical professionals are, physicians; nurses; Medical Laboratory Scientists, and dentists. A Medical professional you must attain a level of education and certification required for a specific medical profession. There are many medical professions; each requires a certain level

  • Professional Recruiters : A Professional Recruiter

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    Recruiters are great to have in your corner when looking for a new position. Employers don’t always advertise job openings instead, they hire a professional recruiter. The people who make up this resourceful position keep an extensive network of contacts, know where open positions are, and are trained to place applicants into the best fit position. Professional Recruiters will typically specialize in one career field. They will know which companies are hiring for those specific positions. If you are

  • Professional Organizations : Professional Organisations

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    Professional Organisations Having an understanding of professional organisations can help a manager effectively manage dire situations or reactions from staff. As Shell (2003) explained professionals are a different group of people, they are experts in their own field giving them expert power and therefore must be managed differently. Professionals are highly autonomous therefore they expect a high degree of control and the freedom to exercise their independent professional judgements. They act

  • Professional Development of Nursing Professionals

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    Introduction Nursing is one of the most popular professions in healthcare. To become a professional nurse, one must acquire certain level of education, whether it is at associate or baccalaureate degree level. Once becoming a nurse a number of professional standards must be maintained to stay abreast with the profession. In that respect, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in its 2010 report had suggested many recommendations focusing on the future of nursing. The aim of the report is to put forth

  • Professional Development of Nursing Professionals

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    nurses are allowed to lead, they will come up with innovative ways to bring up health care and make the world a better place” (Trossman, 2010, p. 1). As the field of nursing continues to evolve, nurses need to accept responsibility for their professional growth by continuing their education, practicing to the full extent of their licenses, and seek out opportunities to develop and exercise their leadership skills. For me, the IOM report was inspiring and pointed out the many opportunities that

  • Professional Development Of Nursing Professionals

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    Professional Development of Nursing Professionals The Institute of Medicine (IOM) established in 1970 by National Academy of sciences. This is a non-government Institution work independently. The IOM’s mission is to advance and distribute scientific knowledge to improve health. The Institute provides clear evidence based researches and advices regarding health and science policy to government, the corporate sector, the professions, and the public. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has identified the