Theme Of Pale Hose, Pale Rider

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Images and stories play out in the mind in slumber and sometimes these abstractions can be windows into the dreamer’s reality. Sigmund Freud, a notable psychoanalyst, believed dreams contained symbols that were keys to understanding the subconscious and the current state of mind of the dreamer. (McLeod) Pale Hose, Pale Rider, is a short story written by Katherine Anne Porter, that delves into the idea that dreams and the symbols within the subconscious, can convey a person’s struggles of what is happening in the world around them. Pale Horse, Pale Rider tells the story of a young woman, during the bleak time in the United Sates, that not only saw the First World War, but also the great flu epidemic of 1918. Conveyed through the daily contemplations and vivid dreams of the narrator, Miranda, Porter expresses how the stresses of wartimes and the savageness of disease can quietly creep into one’s physical and mental state and be given life through visions and dreams. One dream that illustrates the turmoil Miranda endures, is one in which she drifts into vision about a vast river, a ship, and the great jungle behind it. Within this dream, Porter illustrates how the dreamscape can be tied to the physical tolls that body is withstanding, while also…show more content…
One of the first symbols Porter infuses into the dream is the “hovering of buzzards overhead”. (522) Being they are scavengers, buzzards are an omnipresent symbol of impending death. Prior to her dream, through conversations with Adam and her co-workers, Miranda is well aware of what the likely outcome is with the influenza. Within this dream, Miranda’s knowledge of the influenza is seeping into her subconscious, and by means of the buzzards, Miranda becomes consciously aware that death is
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