The Importance Of Music In Film Music

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Music has become a common language in film in the twentieth century. It has become the lingua franca of films. Scholars working on this topic find it challenging to explore some aspects of film music for several reasons. One main reason is that films (images and sound) are interdisciplinary by nature, posing challenges for the scholars. Despite visuals and auditory means evident in films, scholars do not adequately examine the two means as they work with each other. This could be partly due to the fact that film is largely seen as a visual medium (film music in minor page 8). Music in film is often viewed as subordinate to the visuals. Marlyn Boltz addresses the interaction between the two media and this reveals great potential in this field,…show more content…
It seems like music in these films has been frozen for the past decade or so. Developments in film music have been “winding down” (fb link tonks). Tonks believes that too many cooks have spoiled the broth as there have been a vast amount of film composers in the last decade but very few have been actually influential. The classical Hollywood style is still the main model for film productions. Research in this area is duly required as it could potentially act as an impetus for composers to broaden their horizons in terms of composition. Linked with this is the issue Julie Brown brings up- many analyse the score for a film on its own (in a symphonic manner). However film music is not necessarily concert music. This ties in with the some points I have made thus far (regarding film music analysis and the lack of development in film music). A common language between music theory and film theory needs to be developed as we have reached a standstill. Debuek. Sometimes it is hard to even access the score for some films, which inevitably makes research harder. However important access is, one must also be able to properly interpret and analyse film music scores, for they are different than concert music. (A Research Guide to Film and Television Music in the United
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