Music And Music: The Art Of Music

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Music is a category of art all of its own. It has a strong power (per se) because it complements the being. It is pleasing to us without our even noticing most times that this is what it accomplishes. Music is more satisfying than the feeling of working on a mathematical equation; it touches our souls and reflects us inwardly and completely. It is a precise construct and can’t be held in equal comparison with the visual arts. While music is neither an internalized contentment that cannot definitively be explained nor is needed to be learned to fully enjoy it.
Music is a precise construct and cannot be held in equal comparison with visual art. In order to be able to discuss most works of art, the arts have to be known before the discussion.
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Each part of the song does in fact exist in both ways. The harmony, the tempo, the pitch, the melody; all of these small parts are significant to the whole. While the parts can also play independently of the others, these intricate layers can directly relate to the aspects of nature. While each part can stand on its own, each part can exist as a layer on top of another, making a whole. Either way, in this way, too, music is capable of being its separate enjoyable art form. However, the one commonality, which does leave music in the category of an art that stands alone, in and of itself, is for the reason that it is a form of self-expression. Music also never owns human emotion to express it and it isn’t hung on a wall to give the visual as insight into its owner. The rhythm of the music is representative to human emotion. It represents the abstraction of their meanings without have the reason for the feeling of an emotion. Music is the ‘heart’ of all aspects of matter, and “it reproduces all the emotions of our innermost being. It is the object of our innermost self which is directly who we are and is not a misconception of self-representation. One can and will find the epitome of music in all parts (combined as one) through many degrees to complement the whole in its entirety. Music is a balance of the total of all parts, unequal in size but equal in importance, standing alone and in contribution as the

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