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  • Legal Realism : Legal And Legal Theory

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    Legal realism defines legal rights and duties as whatever the court says they are. Out of all the legal theories we have examined in class, I personally believe that this is the one that best exemplifies the purpose of law and would best suit and benefit society. The Dimensions of Law textbook defines legal realism as “the school of legal philosophy that examines law in a realistic rather than theoretical fashion; the belief that law is determined by what actually happens in court as judges interpret

  • Legal

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    Representatives and Malcolm Fraser controlled the senate. Fraser was elected on the grounds that he would pass the budget and advise the governor general to call an election for the 13th of December that year. However the actions of the governor general were legal according to section 64 of the constitution which states ‘Such officers [Ministers of State] shall hold office during the pleasure of the Governor General’. Under the understanding of this law the governor general is able to dismiss any government

  • Legal

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    sentence and offence. 3.0 – Legal Elements The Liberal National Party viewed in 2012 the need for a quick solution to youth offending and keeping juveniles out of prison. The ‘Tough on youth crime’ policy was implemented just before the 2012 state election. Boot camps for offending juveniles were adopted for the quick solution. In line with the new government’s policy, the bill was passed through parliament and all its processes, and then further closely examined by the Legal Affairs and Community Safety

  • To Be Legal

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    To Be Legal      Marijuana smokers are generally mildly intoxicated, giggle, laugh, bother no one, and have a good time. They do not stagger or fall, and wouldn’t ordinarily attempt to harm anyone. It has not been proven that smoking marijuana leads to crimes of a violent nature or to crimes of a sexual nature. Smoking marijuana has no unpleasant after-affects, no dependence is developed on the drug, and the practice can easily be stopped at any time. So why is marijuana

  • Legal

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    sir John Kerr dismissed the Prime Minister Gough Whitlam and his government. Many people were outraged at this as they believed the role of the Governor-General is ceremonial and they are to act on the advice of the Prime Minister. Also besides the legal and constitutional questions about the power of the Senate and the Governor-General, the Labor supporters felt that the government had been cheated by because of a conspiracy in the Opposition, business and media interests (unknown). Events: There

  • Legal Research On The Legal Field

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    In the legal field, it is very important to be organized and stay informed of the constant changes of the law, that’s why lawyers need paralegals, who are professionals with legal proficiency, and are constantly acquiring new knowledge. The main role of a paralegal is to “help people”. Even though they might have some administrative tasks, paralegals are highly trained professionals who usually work for attorneys, and most of the time assume good part of the attorney’s workload. Paralegals are responsible

  • Legal Traditions And Legal Practices

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    categories of legal tradition that differentiate by country or time. These legal traditions are shared by a certain groups of individuals or whole systems in and of themselves. In other words, you have to understand the legal tradition, and which legal system it is affiliated with, to understand the whole picture of how disputes and conflicts are handled. I think in our modern times, it would be challenging to find one legal system that is without influence from other legal systems (Different Legal Traditions

  • Legal Services : Legal Service

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    the changes to the legal services market introduced by the Legal Services Act 2007 in the light of this statement. Legal Service Act is an act in the parliament of England and Wales that regulates legal services.(what is a legal service? Describe what it Is w/o using “legal service”; or put the Wikipedia reference for added protection) It was implemented to encourage competition in the legal service market. New legislative and administrative (what?) led to the reforms of the legal schemes leading the

  • Legal Positivism And Critical Legal Studies

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    values and also in turn entrenches them is one of great controversy in the legal community. The legal theories of legal positivism and critical legal studies take particularly opposing analysis and views of the law, as well as how law impacts on society. In order to illustrate my answer, I will draw from the idea of the protection of private property, and the criminalization and subsequent decriminalization of homosexuality. Legal positivism is particularly concerned with the validity of the law, and

  • Legal Driving Age Should Be Legal

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    The idea of changing the legal driving age has been around for several years. Although no concrete decisions have been made, several people have proposed that the legal driving age should be moved from 16 years of age, to 18. With several statistics concerning the percentages of teens who have been in a motor vehicle accident, many parents are quick to jump on board with changing the legal driving age. Yet there are two sides to every story, and teenagers have been able to make several strong arguments