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  • The Little Sister: Beatrice d'Este

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    that women were not given fair opportunities to grow intellectually while men experienced revival and did not prosper. The famed life of renaissance woman, Beatrice d’Este disproves Kelly’s controversial theory. D’Este was born in 1475 into the House of Este, who had control of Ferrara, Italy from the 13th to the 16th century. D’Este’s life demonstrated that the education, wealth, and marriage to a powerful man that she had access to resulted in a period of personal growth as a patron and political

  • the hi

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    Duchess” by Robert Browning the personality of the Duke is revealed through the historical connection to Alfonso II, the way he partly conceals the truth, and the unconscious hints at the Duchess’ side of the story. Browning took an interest with the Este family and the duke in his poem is based on “the figure of Alfonso II, Duke of Ferrara, the real life model for the Duke in My Last Duchess” (Negrut 149). In other words, this poem was actually inspired by real people and their actual circumstances

  • Psalm 127

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    (Minneapolis, Minnesota: Fortress Press, 1993): 452-456. Mays, James Luther. “Psalm 127: Unless the Lord Builds the House.” Interpretation, Patrick D. Miller, Jr., ed. (Louisville: John Knox Press, 1994):400-402. Miller, Patrick D. “Psalm 127: The House that Yahweh Builds.” Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, 22F (1982): 119-132. VanGemeren, William A. “Psalm 127: The Blessing of the Lord.” Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Vol. 5, Frank E. Gaebelein and Richard P. Polcyn, eds. (Grand

  • Emily Dickinson

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    Emily Dickinson The life of Emily Dickinson seems to be one of simplicity. After all, she only lived in two houses her entire life. Even though her life might have seemed plain, her mind was fully understanding to a multitude of ideas and feelings. In her poetry you can see her dealing with many concepts and how she feels about certain things in her life. A couple themes I found particularly interesting were death and nature. Death can be a complicated issue for many people. However, for Dickinson

  • Skins: The Evolving Portrayl of Teenage Drug Use on Television

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    Kingdom, I will use this information to compare and contrast the depiction of illicit consumption by young people in both the Unit... ... middle of paper ... ...s. "Tony." Skins US. MTV Networks. MTV, Toronto, Canada, 17 Jan. 2011. Television. Estes, Mark O. "Skins UK vs. Skins US: An Analysis." UK vs. US: An Analysis. TV Over Mind, 4 Mar. 2011. Web. 21 Feb. 2012. . Gerbner, George. "Drugs in Television, Movies, and Music Videos." Media, Sex, Violence and Drugs in the Global Village. Cullompton

  • Women Empowerment: The Construction of Female Gender in Anne of Green Gables & Little Women

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    Introduction The antebellum period brought about many changes in American society. One of those changes was the manner in which American households were organized. Robert Max Jackson argues in his account on gender inequality that up to the 1820s a patriarchal ideology predominated the American household giving fathers absolute authority; they would rule their homes as “communal enterprises” in which husband and wife worked together in order to earn a living. However, from the 1820s onwards the

  • The Wide Possibilities of Nanotechnology

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    decrease the exposure of lethal chemicals to people. In addition, using new technology could help reduce the waste by stor... ... middle of paper ... ... Suck Up Toxins : DNews." DNews. Discovery Communications, LLC., 14 Apr. 2014. Web. 8 May 2014. Estes, Adam Clark. "How Bioelectronics Promise A Future Cure For Cancer." Gizmodo. 29 Jan. 2014. Web. 6 May 2014. “Frequently Asked Questions - Nanotechnology.” Foresight Institute. 2014. Web. 12 May 2014. Henn, Steve. "By Tracking Sugar In Tears, Contact

  • The Astounding Widener Library at Harvard Yard

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    they have Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library today. Mr. Widener was a Harvard alumni that died in the disaster of the Titanic. His family was very wealthy so the bequeathed his entire collection of rare books to Harvard with 2 million dollars to house the books. Ever since Widener library has played a big part in the history of Harvard University. Matthew Battles, who wrote a biography for the Library put it this way: Since its opening in 1915, the Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library has led a

  • My Life Had Stood a Loaded Gun by Emily Dickinson

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    can be proven with a few brief analyses on Emily Dickinson’s “My Life had stood — a Loaded Gun —.” By using metaphor to compare her life to a gun, Angela Estes states that Dickinson was able to describe life in three stages: past-when the gun is not used, present-when the gun is being fired, and future-when the gun no longer has bullets (Estes). Her criticism on this poem proves that Emily Dickinson utilizes her metaphoric styles to convey her insight on what life is. Additionally, another critic

  • Vivencia psicologica de los niños diagnosticados con leucemia

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    VIVENCIA PSICOSOCIAL DE LOS NIÑOS DIAGNOSTICADOS CON LEUCEMIA Sumario La leucemia es una enfermedad que consiste en una proliferación incontrolada de células. Actualmente se considera una enfermedad que amenaza con la vida del paciente. Por tal motivo, esta genera en el niño y en sus familiares diversas emociones como depresión, incertidumbre y ansiedad. El presente trabajo tiene como objetivo conocer la vivencia psico- social de los niños con leucemia que comprenden las edades de seis a doce