Why Murder Is Murder In Hamlet

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Murder is insane; killing someone’s life for revenge is not any less different from murder and is far from being called “justice”. In today’s modern society, there is hardly anybody going around killing other people just to get back revenge, but in the novel, “Hamlet”, written by William Shakespeare, killing each other for revenge is a constant thing to do in their society. This book is all about tragedy, because there are so many deaths that happened at the end of the play. For example, King Claudius killed the late King Hamlet, so now Prince Hamlet is plotting to destroy King Claudius for murdering his dad. Prince Hamlet stabbed Polonius to death, so now Polonius’s son, Laertes, wants to kill Hamlet and has linked up with King Claudius…show more content…
The ghost of late King Hamlet came to Hamlet to inform him that Claudius had murdered him and demands Hamlet to execute him. Now, Hamlet is planning to avenge his deceased father by killing King Claudius, but does not know if he has committed the crime or not. Thus, having Prince Hamlet to change the scene in a play and have the actors play out late King Hamlet’s death called “The Mousetrap”. “Give me some light’ ‘Away!”(Shakespeare, pg 153, line 295). For example, this quote justifies that King Claudius had to do something with late King Hamlet’s death, because after the play Claudius cried for the lights to be turned on and then stormed out of the room. Hamlet knew Claudius was guilty by his sudden conscience outburst. By now, Hamlet is on a full rage to proceed with his actions of avenging his father’s passing. Later on throughout the novel, Hamlet achieves his promise to his deceased father by slashing Claudius’s across the neck and had him forced to drink the poison cup. Finally, the first motivation was Hamlet to King Claudius because Hamlet needed to find out if Claudius was guilty of murdering his father and to avenge late King Hamlet’s…show more content…
The first motivation, is Prince Hamlet to King Claudius to revenge his father and to find out if Claudius is guilty of killing late King Hamlet and to prove it Hamlet uses a theater play to testify his theory. The second motivation; King Claudius is against Prince Hamlet. Claudius found out that Hamlet knew he was the cause of his father’s death and is plotting against him to avenge the late King Hamlet, so now Claudius is coming up with plans to end his life without having the people of Denmark questioning Hamlet’s death. Claudius against late King Hamlet, because Claudius became jealous over his own brother and killed him making the late King Hamlet’s ghost appear to Prince Hamlet for revenge. These three motivations contain the same similarities, because they both have the same motivation to kill each other and the same outcome of death. Thoughts on the play, “Hamlet”, storyline was marvellous, because there were so many twists at the end that caught the reader 's attention. The ending left reader’s furious, because all the main characters died. It would have been wonderful if Prince Hamlet survived and became King of Denmark, but overall the play was amazing. Murdering someone does not always have to be the answer to find justice. Murder should never be the
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