Ferrari Essays

  • History of the Ferrari

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    History of the Ferrari Ferrari, when most people think of this word they think of two things: speed and sport. Ferrari is one of the most distinguished cars in history. It has won more races than almost any other cars racing. It is also just delicate a machine as it is the fast and furious sports car. Ferrari has come a great distance since its begins in the stock races onto the modern road. It has been compared with such great cars as the Bugatti and Alfa Romeo. In my report I will tell you

  • The Making of the Ferrari

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    The Making of the Ferrari Purpose Statement: The purpose of this paper is to divulge in the glorious history of Ferrari. I. The World Wars had a great affect on the world around us; for example Enzo Ferrari formed his Ferrari car company. II. The beginning of Ferrari was unique and personal. A. Enzo Ferrari led a most unusual life. B. The formation of Ferrari was unique. III. Ferrari evolved from one cycle to another. A. The first few years of the Ferrari Company held many interesting

  • History Of Ferrari

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    Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena Italy on February 18 1898. He came from a well to do family that owned a metal foundry making railroad parts, they were the first in his town to own a car. When WWI came Enzo's father and brother (Dino) were drafted into the Italian army, whom both died from influenza in 1916. Enzo was forced to leave school to run the foundry, when the business collapsed he started work as a metalworker at the Modena Fire Brigade workshop in order to support his widowed mother. Enzo

  • The Importance of the Ferrari Company

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    at the time, with only two in Italy. It wasn’t until the later 1920s, where Ferrari, a well-known sports car company today, joined the ranks of Fiat and Alfa Romeo. With the birth of Ferrari at a pivotal time in history, Enzo Ferrari was able to an extremely successful automobile company that is still being manufactured today. If it were not for Enzo Ferrari, the company would have never come about. Enzo Anselmo Ferrari was born to a family of metalworkers on the outskirts of Modena in February

  • Formula One Racing

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    tires in an effort to occupy the same piece of race track to be set up correctly for the turn ahead. Other points of interest are the pit stops and the strategies that the various teams use in order to make a fast pit stop. A world-class team such as Ferrari can refuel a car, change four wheels and tires, and wipe off the driver’s helmet in as little as 6.8 seconds. The technology used in the sport is another drawing point of its popularity. State- of-the-art computers are used to track the car’s every

  • What is a Supercar?

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    The word supercar is thrown around describing various high performance cars, but only applying to few. This begs the question; what makes a car a supercar? There are many factors that a vehicle must satisfy before it can be considered a supercar. A few of these factors include, performance, brand name, and exclusivity. Performance is made up of three parts: handling, power, and speed. Brand name is important because of heritage and history. Exclusivity is important because of its rarity, price,

  • Ferris Bueller: Possible or Not?

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    site and assuming Ferris’ house is ten minutes away the journey begins. It is assumed that Ferris and Cameron pick up Sloane at 10 a.m. from school so this is when the timing starts. From school they head to downtown Chicago in Cameron dad’s 1961 Ferrari GT California, which has a top speed of 155 mph . Despite this we can assume that with Ferris driving, and him being a very daring and confident teenager, he was likely driving between 80 and 90 mph on the open freeways to downtown. Ferris had to

  • Giotto Bizzarrini and the Bizzarrini BZ2001

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    Bizzarrini BZ-2001, you’d see that there are no bounds to the imagination of Italian car stylists. The BZ-2001 is the work of Giotto Bizzarrini whose portfolio includes many past exotic cars. Right now, the BZ-2001 rides on the tubular chassis of a Ferrari Testarossa, and is powered by the Ferrari’s 380-horsepower flat-12-cylinder engine. But true to past Bizzarrini designs, plans are afoot to switch to American small-block V-8 power, and to discard the Ferrari’s frame for a chassis built solely of

  • Saturn Case Analysis

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    competitor (e.g. low cost leader, focused differentiation, prospector, reactor, etc.), Porter's 5-forces assessment): Hyundai- cost leadership strategy, breadth of product line is low Kia- cost leadership strategy, breadth of product line is low Ferrari- differentiation strategy, very high price, breadth of product line is low. Lamborghini- differentiation strategy, very high price, breadth of product line is low Porsche- differentiation strategy, high price, breadth of product line is low. Mercedes-

  • Political Momentum

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    "Only YOU can prevent forest fires". This famous quote, by Smokey the Bear, is a statement that essentially defines momentum. Momentum, in the case of forest fires, is detrimental momentum. We've all seen the commercial, the bright red Ferrari driving down the road, flicking a cigarette out the window. It rolls onto a pile of dry leaves, and suddenly, the leaf is smoking! Oh no! The leaves have caught fire and it is spreading to a nearby tree! Soon, nearby trees have caught fire, and thus the momentum

  • Visiting High School

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    What's up! I stepped out from the yellow Ferrari GXcT second edition, recalling when was the last time I landed my feet on my beloved hometown. Everything had changed. After three decades being isolated on an island for a government top secret project, I am finally freed. The first place that I wish to visit after being alienated is my high school. So, off I go trying to locate the school based on the information on my car’s databank screen. Before my eye is a 30-storey building. As my car

  • Street Racing

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    to this lifestyle? They have an addiction to speed. The six-cylinder engine fuels this “need for speed.” Some may think that their two hundred thousand dollar car is fast, with these engine modifications will have an Accord blowing the doors off a Ferrari. The six-cylinder engine has six pistons pumping in six cylinders; hence, the name. Fuel is injected and burned; causing gas compression (picture a shaken soda bottle). This compression forces the pistons up and down that move your car. With compression

  • My Ferrari

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    It was half past seven in the morning and I had a busy day ahead of me. I got into my Ferrari 360 spyder; put my bag on the passenger seat. I started the engine, put it into gear and made my way to the airport, with the roaring sound of the Ferrari behind me. I had to go pretty fast because I had to be at the airport before my flight left. As I approached the entrance to the airport, I made my way to the runway. There was a barrier across it so that it would be blocked of for other

  • Doug Ferrari Essay

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    many people would differentiate between Doug Ferrari, who has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and a normal comedian. With therapy and the taking of Prozac for his depression, Ferrari can reatin the preponderance of the symptoms from occurring while at a showing and when he is with his wife. Borderline Personality Disorder is a disease which tears at the relationships of those the suffers hold close. After his sudden emergence into fame, Doug Ferrari was diagnosed with Borderline Personality

  • Analysis Of The Ferrari 488 Pista

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    The 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista Geneva has always been a special place for Ferrari as it is the automaker’s favorite place to debut its new supercars. This year’s Geneva Auto Show is not any different as the automaker has taken to the show to debut its new race-car inspired street-legal beast dubbed the “Ferrari 488 Pista”. “Pista” means “track’’ in Italian. Although it is street-legal, you will definitely find most buyers of the Pista out on the tracks as that is where one can really get the most out

  • Foreign-Made Car versus American Cars

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    such as Toyota, Honda, Subaru, and Nissan are most recommended by mechanics because these vehicles are rarely in the shop. Evan ... ... middle of paper ... can get today. Race ace Randy Pobst loved it, we loved it, and aspiring Ferrari owners surely love it even more. It’s pretty good around the figure eight too, needing 23.6 seconds of all-around pleasurable driving to make it around” (Kong 1). Most critics will agree that American supercars cannot compare to those from European

  • The Quartic Equation and Lodovico Ferrari

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    Lodovico Ferrari beat those odds and created a formula that still has applications today. Italy in the 1500’s was a different place than what people know now. They had wars going on with other countries. Nobody even had the word “school” on their minds because they had to struggle to stay alive. Even though most of the people in Italy in the 1500s didn’t attend school some of them still had unknown knowledge. One life changing person was born on February 2nd 1522. A young man named Lodovico Ferrari. Lodovico

  • Eugene Ely Accomplishments

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    Eugene Ely “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything” - Plato. This means that you can always do what you want to do like fly for instants. You can sit and imagine flying but some other people get up and actually fly. In this essay I am going to explain Eugene Ely’s childhood, the beginning of his career, his significant accomplishments, and the impact he put on the world. In Eugene Ely’s childhood

  • 1962 Ferrari Research Paper

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    invented. Although Shakespeare did not have a car, we can image what he would drive based on different aspects such as wealth, distance traveled, and social status. I believe that Shakespeare would drive a red 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE. I believe that Shakespeare would drive a 1962 Ferrari based on his wealth. When Shakespeare was growing up he did not have a lot of money. However, as he began to age and his acting/writing career began to take off he grew more and more wealthy. Marilee Hanson said that

  • Formula One Racing

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    Formula One Racing Formula one is the fastest racing car in the world. It is called the greatest car show in the world. Formula one has a great influence on the people. Millions of people sit in front of the TV set or around the circuit and watch the race. The drivers are often called kings of speed and they show their ability to drive fast every second week of the season. People wondered about this racing many years ago. The cars were very different from today’s formula ones. The question