Foreign-Made Car versus American Cars

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When Americans go to buy a new or used car, they look for great fuel economy, strong engine performance, safety features, and whatever else interests them. One thing is for certain, every consumer searches for the best they can afford. Over the decades automobiles in general have become more efficient in every aspect because of technological advances in society. However, there are still some car brands that stand out over others. It is well known that a prestigious Mercedes-Benz is more reliable than a Jeep; the same can be said about foreign and domestic cars. Foreign cars are greater than domestic cars because of their longevity, their economic advantages for the consumer, and their more impressive performance on the race track.

Everyone wants a car that will last forever because no one likes making reoccurring trips to the mechanic. There is a story of a farmer who drove his truck over a million miles before he got a new one. The truth is that will not happen for the everyday consumer. In 2013, J.D. Power came out with a study of the eighteen most dependable cars on the road today. Thirteen of those cars were foreign made vehicles, and only five were American made. Yes, it can be said that there are more foreign car brands than domestic, so the numbers can be a bit misleading. No one, however, can argue with the fact that seven of those dependable cars were made by one Japanese company, Toyota (Tate 1).

Perhaps the people who best know a vehicle inside and out are mechanics. Mechanics know that Chrysler vehicles are their number one customers. According to Money Allocator, cars such as Toyota, Honda, Subaru, and Nissan are most recommended by mechanics because

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today. Race ace Randy Pobst loved it, we loved it, and aspiring Ferrari owners surely love it even more. It’s pretty good around the figure eight too, needing 23.6 seconds of all-around pleasurable driving to make it around” (Kong 1). Most critics will agree that American supercars cannot compare to those from European makers.

Not only are domestic supercars lagging behind the foreign companies, most other American car models cannot compare to the foreign-made cars. Various studies have shown that American cars simply do not last as long. Economically it would be wiser for the consumer to purchase a foreign-made car. Yes, American cars have progressed over the years, but nearly every other car company around the world has improved as well. Foreign-made cars have always been a step ahead while the American big three have had to play catch-up

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