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  • Dracula - Symbolism Of Blood

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    In Bram Stoker's Dracula, the most blatant and powerful symbol is blood. He takes the blood that means so much to the believers of this legend and has it represent more than even they could imagine. Blood is the main object associated with vampires and vampirism. From a mythical standpoint, it is the basis of life for the vampires as they feed off of the blood of young, vibrant souls. From a more scientific standpoint blood is what would drip out of the corpse's mouth when family members would dig

  • Brothers of the Bible

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    explicit reason for God?s preference for Abel?s offering. This has given rise to speculation. (Doubleday) And envious of his brother so angered Cain that he killed him. Cain?s response ? the downcast face ? reveals more the idea of dejection, feelings associated with rejection, than anger. Cain must care about what God thinks of him and his sacrifice. But the basic issue becomes not that Cain acts in a dejected fashion, but how he responds to God?s interaction with him about his dejection. That God

  • The Range of Feelings Associated with Love in Catullus and Lesbia' Poems

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    The Range of Feelings Associated with Love in Catullus and Lesbia' Poems Of Catullus’s poems, the Lesbia poems are the most memorable, particularly as they contain such a wide range of feelings and emotions. Whilst we do not know what order the poems were written in, it is tempting to arrange them in a progression from constant love, to confusion and despair and finally hatred. Poem 87 appears to be at the beginning of the relationship between Catullus and Lesbia. The symmetry of the

  • Football Players Energy System

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    Energy Systems Associated with Football Players Easily one of the most demanding sports in the world and by far the most popular. Soccer or football to the rest of the world takes on a unique conditioning progam. A soccer player must possess the ability to stop, start, run, jump, pivot and sprint all in the same game. The conditioning program must emulate the conditions on the field or pitch, as the brit's like to call it. A solid nutritional program should accompany

  • Etiology of HIV-Associated Dementia

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    Etiology of HIV-Associated Dementia The etiologic agents of the neurologic disease associated with HIV and AIDS are many. Opportunistic infections- cryptococcus, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, are a few of the organic causes of neurologic disease in AIDS patients, but will not be the main focus of this paper. The human immunodeficiency virus in itself is implicated in much of the neurological manifestations of the disease, and it is the effects of the presence of the virus within the central

  • A Good Leader

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    is illegal nation wide and so a leader is not setting the proper example or being a good citizen if he or she participates in the use, sale, or is associated with drugs. A leader should not order or tell his subordinates to do anything in which he can not do or does himself. If a leader explains the hazards of drug use and why not to use or be associated with them he should follow his or her advice. This leads right into how to communicate with ones subordinates on how not to and why not to use drugs

  • The Theme of Light and Darkness in Dracula

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    When Lucy is bitten she acts as a human, during the day but during night time her physical appearance dramatically changes because 'her teeth were longer and her gums retracted', this shows that evil is associated with night and good is associated with day. Although darkness is associated with evil, there are moments in the novel that contradict this because the reader can spot the evil characters by their descriptions 'pale or white skin'. It can be argued that the theme of light VS darkness

  • Atrocities Associated with the Eugenics Movement

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    Atrocities Associated with the Eugenics Movement Among the fears of many environmentalists is that of overpopulation. Acutely aware of the finite resources that the planet possesses and the limitations of renewable resources, there are concerns that the planet may soon reach its maximum caring capacity. Since the First Great Transition ten thousand years ago, the planet has experienced an astounding increase in population. Generations later, the planet is beginning to feel the effects of continual

  • Runner's High

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    varies immensely for each individual there is a common feeling associated with the term "runner's high". When a person is asked about runner's high they typically will say that it a pleasant state that a runner might experience after a certain distance. This in fact may not be true for only runners though. Skiers, surfers, football players and wrestlers all have "highs" or moments when they feel they are working to their maximum potential and feeling on top of the world. Runner's are not the only types

  • Origins of The Beauty Myth

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    Naomi Wolf's "The Beauty Myth," discusses the impact of our male-dominated society upon women. Wolf argues that women's most significant problems associated with societal pressures are a "fairly recent invention," dating back to the 1970s (6). She explains that women have "breached the power structure" by acquiring rights equal to men in areas such as, education, professional careers, and voting. As a result, Wolf suggests that the "beauty myth" is the "last one remaining of the old feminine ideologies

  • Marijuana Users

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    falls sharply after the age of 22. Young people within the 18- 20 year old range seem to be looking for new and different experiences. The idea of being high also appeals to many young marijuana users- a temporary way to forget about the problems associated with youth. Marijuana users tend to constitute a majority of the white, middle class community, which may be a shock to some Americans. My reading found in most cases that being black or oriental decreased the likelihood that a student would

  • Anne Sexton: Poetry as Therapy

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    inspire her poetic works. Not all of Sexton's work is based solely on her mental health; but a good portion of her work is influenced by her constant bouts with depression. As she struggled to deal with her own marital infidelity and the problems associated with being a female poet in a male dominated genre, she combined the theme of depression with one based on the roles of women in society. In turn, she gained a wider audience and received recognition for her work. But all the fame and fortune were

  • Eating Disorders: Just Dying to be Perfect

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    disorder, but the aim of this paper is to explore more deeply the moral issues associated with it. These issues will be centered on shame and guilt. However, other moral issues clearly play a role in the emergence and maintenance of the disorder and will be discussed as well. Research directly linking these issues is not as prolific as the research surrounding the clinical components of anorexia. The general conclusion that feelings of shame and guilt that are focused specifically on eating are related to

  • The Growing Problem of Teen Suicide

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    reverse this trend and in doing so we need to understand the characteristics, behaviors and events associated with youth suicide. There are many risk factors associated with suicidal ideation and attempts. Risk factors include self-destructive behavior which may be related to life events, unfavourable home environments, or a genetic component. Personality traits like aggression and hostility or feeling introverted or hopeless play a role in suicides. Loss of control, poor problem solving techniques

  • Comparing Themes in Charlotte and Ruth Hall

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    during their time. Their popularity shows how their messages were transferred to many people of their time. By exploring the themes of these novels, a better understanding of females in society can be gained. The themes of womanhood and the issues associated with being female in early America will be detailed through specific problems. The concerns that are revealed in Charlotte: A Tale of Truth and Ruth Hall will deal with some universal issues like control, reason, emotion, reality, and the individual’s

  • Gabrielle Douglas’ Responds to Criticism

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    Visualize a teenage girl watching television, surfing the internet, and reading magazines. She sees beautiful women everywhere she turns. She is looking in her bedroom mirror wondering why she does not have similar beauty. She begins to feel self-aware because she reads and hears criticizing comments about the females who are just like her. She says to herself, “Am I not considered beautiful because my skin is not as clear as Angelina Jolie? Do I not fit in the category “pretty” because I do not

  • Free Euthanasia Essays: Problems With Assisted Suicide

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    Although the New England Journal of Medicine article (2/24/00) was the first time a major medical journal in the United States had recounted problems associated with assisted suicide in the Netherlands, there had been prior warnings: In 1995, Dr. Pieter Admiraal, who has practiced euthanasia in the Netherlands for years, warned of the risk of failure associated with assisted suicide. After explaining the preparations that must be made for an assisted suicide death, he wrote: "In spite of these measures

  • Family Created

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    advantages and drawbacks. With either option there are emotional, financial, and moral issues associated with these options. Finding a perfect fit for the fertility impaired couple, each option, assisted reproduction, or adoption, must be reviewed and weighed for the emotional, moral, and financial aspects, to see whether the end justifies the means. It is important to explain the emotional issues associated with infertility. A couple who has tried for many months to conceive a child and find that

  • Depression And Mental Illness (Crime)

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    "one of seven depressed people will commit an act of violence against themselves or others." (p.1) The purpose of this paper is to view and discuss depression and mental illness risk factors associated with violence. This paper will view some of the characteristics and violent behavior risk factors associated with a depressed or mentally ill person. It will also, compare characteristic that characterize a person suffering form depression or a person that is mentally ill. This paper will discuss treatment

  • Health Risks Associated with the Atkins Diet

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    Health Risks Associated with the Atkins Diet Low carbohydrate and high fat and protein diets such as the Atkins Diet are very bad for one's health in the long run. The Atkins Diet stresses to steer clear of foods that contain many carbohydrates such as pastas, fruits, vegetables, and breads while instead eating foods such as meats, cheeses, peanuts, and dairy that are high in fat and protein. This eating habit eventually takes a toll on one's health because a certain amount of carbohydrates