The Theme of Light and Darkness in Dracula

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The Theme of Light and Darkness in Dracula The theme of light and darkness is used to good effect in 'Dracula' through many ways. When considering light and darkness as an ongoing competitive battle it is possible in 'Dracula' to incorporate themes of 'day and night' as well as 'life and death' and 'right and wrong' as they all share similarities in contrast. It has been argued and said that stoker did not believe in the opinion of extremes meaning he liked to incorporate the idea that something is neither 'black nor white' but possibly grey. In Dracula there are good characters and evil characters but you could also argue that certain ones are neither and stuck between both extremes, this is another way that shows stoker prospect of not agreeing with extremes. Firstly there is an obvious element which is present of life VS death within the novel, this contrast is shown through the characters, language and imagery. Light and Dark is shown through life Vs death and day VS night. One point contained in the novel that suggests a contrast between the two extremes is that it is only during the night, when supernatural, strange things occur in contrast to daytime when nothing seems to go wrong. When Lucy is bitten she acts as a human, during the day but during night time her physical appearance dramatically changes because 'her teeth were longer and her gums retracted', this shows that evil is associated with night and good is associated with day. Although darkness is associated with evil, there are moments in the novel that contradict this because the reader can spot the evil characters by their descriptions 'pale or white skin'. It can be argued that the theme of light VS darkness is used to good effect because the language creates an image which is easy to understand. Throughout the novel there are very little references to light in contrast to darkness where there are many, this is due to the constant presence of evil in the book, the title is a constant reminder that

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