Federal Food Essays

  • Federal Government Should NOT Regulate the Fast Food Industry

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    After Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser was published in 2001 and became a New York Times bestseller, the same titled movie and other food-related documentary movies such as “Super Size Me” (2004) and “Food Inc.” (2009) became smash hits, which may reflect the enhancement of people’s awareness of healthy food in last decade. However, the recent article of Time magazine online shows that today’s food situation does not seem to improve since then, it even got worse. Especially a social problem like

  • State and Federal Authority in Screws v. United States

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    State and Federal Authority in Screws v. United States Outside the courthouse in Newton, Georgia, in the early hours of January 30, 1943, Robert “Bobby” Hall was beaten unconscious by M. Claude Screws, Frank Edward Jones, and Jim Bob Kelley[1] while in their custody for the alleged theft of a tire;[2] Screws, Jones and Kelley were, respectively, Baker county sheriff, night policeman, and a civilian deputized specifically for the arrest.[3] Without ever recovering consciousness, Hall died as

  • The Federal Government and Medicinal Marijuana

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    compromises a clear appreciation for this critical distinction. Since 1978, 32 states have abandoned the federal prohibition to recognize legislatively marijuana's important medical properties. Federal law, however, continues to define marijuana as a drug "with no accepted medical use," and federal agencies continue to prohibit physician-patient access to marijuana. This outdated federal prohibition is corrupting the intent of the state laws and depriving thousands of glaucoma and cancer patients

  • Pesticides

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    the 1950’s, with no standard regulations. The most considerable standard prior to the amendments of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) was, if a revocation of a pesticide occurred, would it have an impact on the prices or availability of food to the consumer? Today, the 208 pesticides used in the United States are regulated by the FFDCA. Bills such as, The Delaney Clause and The Food Quality Protection Act have modified and enforced pesticide regulations. Consumer concerns with the usage

  • Does Big Food Influence Government Decision Making

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    Section 3: How does Big Food influence government decision making? As explained in previous sections, Big Food has immense power to influence government decision making. It is important to understand how Big Food is able to participate and use the political system to their advantage. The main way that Big Food influences government decision making is through lobbying. Lobbying is a common practice within the American political system that is utilized by industries to further their interests. Lobbying

  • School Lunch Program Analysis

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    meals every school day in an effort to decrease food insecurity among children in the United States (US). (Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act (79 P.L. 396, 60 Stat. 230), (Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (2010). The United States Department of Education (USDA) oversees all federally-funded meal programs, then, each state is responsible for overseeing and monitoring each program participating within their state. As a result of accepting federal funds, each school district’s child nutrition

  • 1906 Upton Sinclair's The Jungle: Keeping Food Safe Since 1906

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    was even safe. But is food safe more now? Since 1906 there has been many improvements to keeping food safe from farm to table, i would say yes food is definitely more safe since 1906. With the advances in keeping food safe both technology and federal control, food is now more safe than it was in the past. After Upton Sinclair, a muckraker journalist, released The Jungle he met with the president of the united states and he passed two acts to protect the public from food that wasn’t proven safe

  • Delaney Clause: The Healthy And Hunger Free Kids Act

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    The federal government has a huge amount of power over America’s food and monitoring food safety. They have many rules and regulations that are required to be followed nationwide. The Delaney Clause of 1958, the regulation of genetically modified organisms and organic agriculture, and the Healthy and Hunger Free Kids Act are just a few of the many ways in which the government regulates the country’s food and the citizens that purchase and ultimately consume it. The Delaney Clause was incorporated

  • Social Welfare Program: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

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    created from the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 that was designed to meet the needs of people. The program created to ensure that people had access to nutritious food began over 70 years ago, and has had numerous names. In 1939, the First Food Stamps Program(FSP) was created by U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace and Milo Perkins. It would allow people to obtain orange stamps that allowed for them to purchase food. Then, after the first FSP ended, the Pilot Food Stamps

  • Solano County Hunger Research Paper

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    what it's like not have food? I am sure that most people don't have to worry about being hungry everyday, but there are people out there who do. There are over one in four people hungry or at serious risk of being hunger—significantly worse than the nation as a whole. It hurts to think about people who don't make it through the night because of not having any food. According to the Oxford English Dictionary hunger is “the uneasy or painful sensation caused by the want of food; craving appetite. There

  • Improving School Lunches Essay

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    School Food: Improving School Lunches at Hillsborough High School The battle between schools and their students over the lunches served in the cafeteria is way beyond its expiration date. Before nutritionists and dieticians were aware of the growing obesity rates due to unhealthy diets, , students were served greasy lunches saturated with high fat and sodium levels. Government involvement on what schools could serve their students was minimal, however, drastically changed due to the increasing

  • Persuasive Essay On Everyday School Lunches

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    of food that sometimes schools will serve to you and just thought, how is this what I'm being served. Okay, but to be honest not all school lunches are that bad, but the point I'm trying to get across is that schools aren't getting paid nearly enough what they should be getting paid to fill all the schools children’s nutritional need along with other criteria’s. And you may be thinking why the government isn't paying schools enough money to provide all our young growing minds with enough food to

  • Dietary Guidelines Chapter 2 Summary

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    years and older and their families consume a healthy, nutritionally adequate diet. The information in the Dietary Guidelines is used in developing Federal food, nutrition, and health policies and programs. It also is the basis for Federal nutrition education materials designed for the public and for the nutrition education components of HHS and USDA food programs. It is developed for use by policymakers and nutrition and health professionals. Additional audiences who may use Dietary Guidelines information

  • Nutrition And Nutrition

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    and snack. Unfortunately, in today’s society, school administrators focus heavily on standardized test scores and school rankings thus adding more pressure on students and teachers. This being said, schools have begun to focus on providing healthy foods because they help increase a person’s cognitive and critical thinking ability. It is seen that nutrition plays a great role in students’ performance on exams and physical activity due to the correlation between school provided meals and low student

  • Hunting And Fishing Essay

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    a major economic impact. Hunting and fishing are beneficial to environments and people because they reduce damages done by wildlife overcrowding. Hunting and fishing are also beneficial to people because they provide a healthy, affordable source of food. Hunting and fishing are beneficial to the economy because they cause a major economic impact: “Hunters and anglers are a $76 billion economic force” (Hunting and Fishing). One way hunting and fishing cause a major economic impact is through

  • Essay On Food Issues In Canada

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    scientists from Canada always put their eyes into food healthy? An article from Vancouver Sun, "Access to healthy food still a struggle, says Canada's health minister”, written by Tiffany Crawford, has reported the current health crisis due to the healthy food issue within Canada. That gives a general outline of the food concerns in three aspects: the Northern communities, the Canadian children food market, and the overall improvement in Canada’s stale food guide. The summary of the article centers

  • Non-Profit Organizations: Helping Grocery Foods

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    number of Americans who can’t access the food that they need to be healthy. There are many non-profit organizations that are trying to put a stop to this problem. Currently, these organizations are getting many donations, from the grocery stores willing to make them, of non-perishable and perishable foods that are safe to eat, and that can be distributed to the homeless or to food shelters. These organizations can help to fix problems related to wasted food, hungry humans, and homeless humans, and

  • Tyson Chicken Factory Farm Video Analysis

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    Over the years employees of Tyson Foods have been caught neglecting the company’s chickens. There is video evidence of workers beating and throwing the animals, along with a wide variety of pictures that show the conditions of Tyson Foods facilities. This company is responsible for supplying chicken to fast food restaurants Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell and many grocery stores. Farm animals used in the food industry are not covered under the Animal Welfare Act

  • The Importance Of School Lunch In Schools

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    issue because of the lack of nutrients and real food given to students. The government controls what is being served in schools. The federal government began getting involved with the school lunch program during the 1930s. Clearly that was a complete fail because the federal government had no constitutional role in school lunches. The lunch was getting worse that students started protesting about the calories they wanted it reduce and way better food. Michelle Obama designed a program to improve the

  • Child Hunger In Canada

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    recommendations are outlined to help improve food insecurity. For most families, hunger occurs due to insufficient money to purchase food (McIntyre, Walsh & Connor, 2001). As a result, “inadequate income [has become] a function of low earnings and low social assistance benefits